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Tue May 22 2001

Confs: Modeling and Context, CONTEXT-01, Scotland

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  1. Paolo Bouquet, CONTEXT-01, 3rd Int'l Conference on Modeling and Using Context

Message 1: CONTEXT-01, 3rd Int'l Conference on Modeling and Using Context

Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 12:26:26 +0000 (/etc/localtime)
From: Paolo Bouquet <>
Subject: CONTEXT-01, 3rd Int'l Conference on Modeling and Using Context

 Call for Participation

CONTEXT'01: Third International Conference on
Modeling and Using Context

 University of Dundee
 Dundee, Scotland
 July 27-30, 2001
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The biennial International and Interdisciplinary Conference on
Modeling and Using Context (CONTEXT) provides a forum for high-quality
discussions about context among researchers in artficial intelligence,
cognitive science, computer science, linguistics, organizational
science, philosophy, and psychology. Context is important in a wide
range of fields and applications , and in a variety of ways. The
importance of studying context as a subject matte r in its own right,
as well as in how it relates to other areas, is widely
acknowledged. This is evidenced by numerous recent workshops,
symposia, seminars, and conferences on the subject (see the Context
Web site). The CONTEXT series of conferences has a unique place among
these these due to its strong emphasis on interdisciplinary
research. The first conference in this series (CONTEXT'97) was held in
Rio de Janeiro in 1997, and the second (CONTEXT'99 ) was held in
Trento in 1999 (see for details).


The following topics are indicative of the scope of the conference:
case-ba sed reasoning, cognitive modeling, commonsense reasoning,
active databases, decision support systems, distributed information
systems, formal theories of context, heterogeneous information
integration, human-computer interaction, information management,
intelligent internet systems, intelligent tutoring systems, knowledge
engineering, knowledge management, knowledge representation, machine
learning, multi-agent systems, natural language processing, natural
language semantics, organizational contexts, philosophical
foundations, and pragmatics.


A complete list of accepted papers is on-line at:


Patrick Blackburn, INRIA, Lorraine, France
Herbert Clark, Psychology Department, Stanford University
Jerry Hobbs, SRI International, Menlo Park, California
Alex Lascarides, Division of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
John Perry, Philosophy Department, Stanford University, California


Contexts in Logics. Organizers: Chiara Ghidini (,
University of Liverpool, UK, and Luciano Serafini (,
ITC-IRST, Trento, Italy. (

Temporality and Discourse Context: Dynamic and Modal
Approaches. Organizer: Tim Fernando (,
Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin.


Registration for the conference is via the Web. The registration form
can be accessed by visiting the conference Web site:
and selecting the ``Register'' menu item. Two types of registration exist,
depending on whether one will be staying in the associated accommodations
(residential attendees) or not (local attendees). The residential 
registration fees are as follows:

 Before June 22 After June 22
 Regular A3100 (100 UK Pounds) A3130
 Student A350 A3130

Accommodations may be reserved via the on-line registration form as
well (from A332-55 per night). Those with accommodations and who pay
the residential registration fee will be provided admission to the
conference, the opening reception, and the poster buffet, and will
receive a copy of the proceedings. Admission to the 5-course dinner on
June 29th is available to the residential attendees for an additional

Local registration is A320 per day attending, and includes admission
to that day's conference activities and lunch. Conference proceedings
will be available for an additional nominal charge. Admission to the
5-course dinner on June 29th is available to local attendees for an
additional A323.


Conference Chair: Paolo Bouquet (

Program Co-Chairs: Rich Thomason ( and Varol Akman

Steering Committee: Paolo Bouquet, Patrick Brezillon, Rich Thomason,
 Varol Akman, Roger Young, Gilles Fauconnier, Fausto Giunchiglia, Carlo
 Penco, Francois Recanati, and Luciano Serafini

Organizing Committee: Paolo Bouquet, Patrick Brezillon, Rich Thomason,
 Varol Akman, Roy Turner, and Massimo Benerecetti

Workshops Chair: Massimo Benerecetti (

Local Arrangements Chair: Roger Young (

Local Arrangements Committee: Roger Young, Neil Cooper, Roy Dyckhoff,
 Alex Lascarides, Wayne Murray, and Nick Taylor

Publicity Chair: Roy Turner (

Program Committee: Daniel Andler, Universite de Paris-Sorbonne (Paris
 IV), France; Horacio Arlo Costa, Carnegie Mellon University, USA;
Kent Bach, San Francisco State University, USA; Carla Bazzanella,
UniversitE8 di Ttaly; David Beaver, Stanford University, USA; Matteo
Bonifacio, Arthur Andersen Italia, Italy; Cristiano Castelfranchi,
UniversitE0 di Siena, Italy; Jean-Charles Pomerol, DRITT, UPMC,
France; Herbert Clark, Stanford University, USA; Christo Dichev, North
Carolina A&T State University; Bruce Edmonds, Manchester Metropolitan
University, UK; Paul Feltovich, Southern Illinois University School of
Medicine, USA; Tim Fernando, Trinity College, Ireland; Anita Fetzer,
Universitaet Stuttgart, Germany; Michael Fisher, Liverpool University,
UK; Claude Frasson, University of Montreal, Canada; Chiara Ghidini,
University of Liverpool, UK; Alain Giboin, Unite de Recherche
Sophia-Antipolis, France; Pat Hayes, The University of West Florida,
USA; Jerry Hobbs, SRI International, USA; Lucja Iwanska, LxLinks,
Inc., USA; Ruth Kempson, King's College, UK; Ewan Klein, University of
Edinburgh, UK; Yves Kodratoff, Universite Paris-Sud, France; Boicho
Kokinov, New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria; Jose Luis Bermudez,
University of Stirling, UK; Mark Maybury, MITRE Corporation, USA;
Bernard Moulin, UniversitE9 Laval, Canada; John Mylopoulos, University
of Toronto, Canada; Rolf Nossum, Agder University College, Norway;
John Perry, Stanford University, USA; Stefano Predelli, Universitetet
i Oslo, Norway; Marina Sbisa, UniversitE8 di Trieste, Italy; Carles
Sierra, CSIC-Spanish Scientific Research Council, Spain; Munindar
Singh, North Carolina State University, USA; Steffen Staab, University
of Karlsruhe, Germany; Robert Stalnaker, MIT, USA; Jason Stanley,
University of Michigan, USA; Mike Tanenhaus , University of Rochester,
USA; and Robert Young, NC State University, USA


Dundee City Council, The British Academy, and the University of Dundee
Department of Philosphy

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