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Wed Apr 12 2000

All: Ask-A-Linguist - Fund Drive Day 9

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  1. The LINGUIST List, Ask-A-Linguist - Fund Drive Day 9

Message 1: Ask-A-Linguist - Fund Drive Day 9

Date: 12 Apr 2000 22:10:53 -0000
From: The LINGUIST List <>
Subject: Ask-A-Linguist - Fund Drive Day 9

Dear Linguists,

As most of you know, in addition to the main list, LINGUIST also
provides a very valuable free service for future and/or non-linguists. 
This service, ASK-A-LINGUIST, is staffed by a panel of professional
linguists who share their time and expertise with those interested in
receiving information about questions related to linguistics and

For the ease of its users, ASK-A-LINGUIST is constructed quite like
the LINGUIST discussion list in which the questions and responses are
organized and archived by thread. By addressing queries that are
non-academtic, but nonetheless relevant to linguistics and language,
we feel that ASK-A-LINGUIST provides the public with a very direct,
thorough, and "user friendly" source of linguistic information.

We are currently in the process of enhancing the ASK-A-LINGUIST
facility. Our panel of experts has recently been updated and now
consists of 60 members; 34 new names will be added to the list of 26
who have graciously volunteered to remain on the panel. Links will be
added to their names in order for viewers to directly connect to the
panels' personal web pages. We intend to continue improving the
ASK-A-LINGUIST service by creating a FAQ file of frequently asked
We would like to thank the ASK-A-LINGUIST panel members as well as the
LINGUIST subscribers for the continued support, contributions, and
suggestions that enable us to improve and maintain this beneficial
resource. And although ASK-A-LINGUIST is provided as a free service
staffed by a generous panel of experts who volunteer their time and
expertise, we still need our staff of editors to update, improve, and
expand this usefull facility. Without the continued financial support
of the linguistic community, LINGUIST would be unable to offer the
ASK-A-LINGUIST service, which is so valuable to both the general public
and blooming young linguists alike.
This is the ninth day of the LINGUIST Year 2000 Fund Drive. We have
graciously received $30,092. In order to reach our goal of $35,000, we
still need $4,908. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to
those who have already sent in a donation. The names of the LINGUIST
contributors are listed at the bottom of this page.

In apreciation of your continued support, we would like to send a 
T-shirt or sweatshirt to those who contribute $30 or more. 
Please see our Fund Drive page for styles, sizes, prices, and photos:

You can donate via our secure credit card form at: 

or by sending your check to: 

 The LINGUIST Editorial Support Fund 
 Dept. of English 
 Eastern Michigan University 
 Ypsilanti, MI 
 USA 48197

You can also hit "Reply" to send us your pledge by email, prior to
sending your check. We will then be able to list you immediately as
one of our donors; and we will be able to reach our goal a bit
earlier. Please remember to include your snail-mail address, along
with your size preference, if you would like to receive a LINGUIST
shirt with your donation.

We sincerely thank you for your continued support of LINGUIST. 

With many thanks for your generous support, 

The Linguist crew: Anthony, Helen, Andrew, Karen, Scott, Jody, Lydia, 
 James, Naomi, John, Sudhi, Qian, Ljuba.

	LINGUIST Contributors

	ANGELS ($1000 and Over)

	Microsoft - The Natural Language Group
	John Benjamins Publishing Company

	MAINSTAYS ($100 and Over)

	Shanley	Allen
	Catherine N. Ball
	Kathleen Black
	Heather	Bortfeld
	G. Tucker Childs
	Elaine J. Francis
	Janet Freeman
	Elly van Gelderen
	Brian Goggin
	Dick Hudson
	James Jenkins
	Kathy Jolowicz
	Alan H.	Kim
	Elizabeth D. Liddy
	Monica Macauley & Joe Salmons
	David D. McDonald
	Rebecca L. Moreton
	Dipika Mukherjee
	Geoffrey S. Nathan
	Sharon Obeidallah
	David Parkinson (to be matched by Microsoft)
	Barbara	Partee
	Linda Rashidi
	Irmengard Rauch & Gerald F. Carr
	Michael	Swan
	Karl V. Teeter
	Robin Thelwall & Rebecca Bradley
	LeRoy Trott
	Theo Vennemann
	Nigel Vincent
	Catherine Walter
	Amy Weinberg
	Ronnie Wilbur
	Larisa Zlatic


	AnswerLogic, Inc.
	Center for Sprogteknologi
	East Carolina University
	Linguistics Society of America
	National Tsing Hua Univ., Grad Institute of Ling
	New York University
	Oakland University
	Roskilde University
	Saint Michael's College
	Simon Frazer University
	Surrey Morphology Group
	Systran Luxembourg
	The State University of New Jersey, Rutgers
	Thrownet, Inc.
	Unilever Research
	University of Antwerp
	University of Arizona, Cognitive Science Dept.
	University of Calgary
	University of Chicago
	University of Cyprus
	University of Durham, Dept. of Linguistics
	University of Edinburgh
	University of Florida
	University of Leeds, Dept. of Ling & Phonetics
	University of Manchester
	University of Minnesota, Linguistics Dept
	University of Southern California
	York University
	YY Software Corporation

	SUPPORTERS ($50 - $100)

	Anonymous Donors at LSA 2000
	Jason Akin
	Julie Auger
	Patricia Boyle
	Mary Bucholtz
	Anthony R. Davis
	Ivy Doak & Timothy Montler
	Simon Donnelly
	Francisco Dubert-Garca
	David Durand
	Paula Fikkert
	Susan D. Fischer
	Mike Flynn
	Josep M. Fontana & Louise McNally
	Nancy Frishberg
	David Gaatone
	Merrill F. Garrett
	Nik Gisborne
	Charles	Gribble
	Pius ten Hacken
	M. J. Hardman
	Ray Hudson
	Shlomo Izre'el
	Andreas	Kyriacon
	Heather	McCallum-Bayliss
	Betty Phillips
	Massimo	Piattelli-Palmarini
	Martha Ratliff
	Laurel Reinking
	Catherine Rudin
	Andreas	Schramm
	Sima Sharifi
	Jeff Siegel
	Dan I. Slobin
	Carolyn P. Sobel
	Nancy Stenson
	Gail Stygall
	Maite Taboada
	Kathleen Tacelosky
	Joseph Tomei
	Robert L. Trammell
	Frances	Trix
	Chin-Chin Tseng
	Michael	Volpe
	Robin Warner
	Thomas Wasow
	Laurel Watkins
	Frank Wijnen
	Tomoko Yasutake

	DONORS ($50 and Under)

	Yukiko Sasaki Alam
	Nancy Mae Antrim
	Jacques	Arends
	Alfredo	Arnaiz
	Clark Aycock
	Misty Azara
	Elena Bashir
	Edwin Battistella
	David Beckham
	Carlos Benavides
	Stefano	Bertolo
	Kersti Borjars
	Adrienne Bruyn
	Jill Burstein
	Jose Camacho
	Tom Carten
	Hyon Sook Choe
	Hye-Won	Choi
	Ulrike Christofori
	Meredith Doran
	Franz Dotter
	Laura J. Downing
	Bethany	Dumas
	Ralph P. Eccles
	Suzette Haden Elgin
	Jimmie Ellis
	Stephen B. Ellis
	Feride Erku
	Joseph F. Eska
	Don C. Fitzsimons
	Judy Fuller
	Louanna	Furbee
	Phillip	Garnick
	Cornelia Gerhardt
	Ron Gerwin
	Wilhelm	Geuder
	Jila Ghomeshi
	Stefan Th. Gries
	S. J. Hannahs
	R. W. Harmes
	Jen Hay
	Chris Heinrich
	Peter Hendriks
	Dave Hill
	Di Hirsh
	Jeff Hodson
	Uri Horesh
	Bernhard Hurch
	Christine Kamprath
	Eunah Kim
	Sharon Klein
	Lynn W.	Kloss
	Andrew James Koontz-Garboden
	Larry LaFond
	Geoffrey Langlois
	Lisa Lavoie & John Mayer
	Joan Levinson
	Yi-Jiun Kirsten	Lin
	Vern M.	Linblad
	Ann Lindvall
	Nancy L. Maclaine
	Consuelo Rodriguez Magro
	Marc Matter
	Scott McGinnis
	Bruce A. Mclntosh
	Peter Miller
	J. Scott Morrison
	Uwe Naumann
	Barbara	Need
	Diane Nelson
	Susanne	Niedeggen-Bartke
	Nancy A. Niedzielski
	Brigitte Orliac
	Robert Papen
	Przemyslaw Pawelec
	Molly Pickett-Harner
	Paul Portner
	Amara Prasithrathsint
	Terry Pratt
	Graham Pye
	Margarita Goded	Rambaud
	Xose L.	Regueira
	Burton Rosner
	Chatchawadee Saralamba
	Tessa Say
	Adam Charles Schembri
	Martha Schulte-Nafeh
	Scott Schwenter
	George A. Senf
	William	Shack
	Eileen Smith
	James Sneddon
	Deborah	Tannen
	Bob Terry
	Daisuke	Umehara
	Hilaire Paul Valiquette
	H Todd Wareham
	James B. Williams
	Lois Wood
	Robert Yates
	Dietmar	Zaefferer
	Yael Ziv

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