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Wed Aug 9 2000

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  1. Anne Rowlands, U of London, School of Oriental and African Studies WPiL

Message 1: U of London, School of Oriental and African Studies WPiL

Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 10:20:13 GMT
From: Anne Rowlands <>
Subject: U of London, School of Oriental and African Studies WPiL

SOAS Working Papers in Linguistics Volume 9

Copies of The SOAS Working Papers in Linguistics Volume 9 are now
available. 515 pages. Cost US $15 or UK �10.Full contents listed
below. Please note that many of these papers can be downloaded free
of charge at the new SOAS Linguistics web-site:


Chao, W. & E. Ki-Mei Mui. "Adverbs in Cantonese and The Universal Base

Hoshi, H., "Complex Predicate Formation in Japanese: A
(Non-)Configurational Theory"

Kempson, R. & L. Marten. "The Dynamics of Word-Order Change in the
Romance Languages"

Ki-Mei Mui, E. "Cantonese Colour Terms"

Otsuka, M. "On 'Head-Internal' Relative Clauses in Japanese from an
LDSNL Perspective"

Simpson, A. & T. Bhattacharya. "Feature Percolation, Pied Piping and

Simpson, A. & X.-Z. Z. Wu. "From D to T - Determiner Incorporation and
the Creation of Tense"

Hayward, R. "East Ometo Verbs Paradigms: The Grammaticalization of a
Syntactic Pattern"

Marchand, T. H. J. "Mastering Making & Mastering Space: Reconsidering
the Language-Biased Analysis of the What & Where in Spatial Cognition"

Hunter, A. & L. Marten. "Context Sensitive Reasoning with Lexical
and World Knowledge"

Buba, M. "The Pragmatics of Addressee-based Hausa Demonstratives"

Denwood, A. "A Government Phonology Approach to Thai Tones:
Observation and Hypothesis"

Hayward, K. "Lexical Phonology and the Javanese Vowel System"

Johnson, M. "Tone and Phonation in Western A- Hmao"

Lee, H.-Y. "Inter-Onset Government: Its Needs and Interaction with
Proper Government"

Toft, Z. "Grunts and Gutturals in Georgian: An Investigation into
Initial Consonant Clusters"

Gary-John Scott, Evelynne Ki-Mei Mui and Hyun- Joo Lee

Please send cheques (made payable to "SOAS") or an International Money
Order for the value of �10 sterling or $15 US dollars to:

The Departmental Executive Officer
Department of Linguistics
School of Oriental and African Studies
University of London
Thornhaugh Street
Russell Square
London WC1UK 

Price includes postage and packing. For all enquiries and/or further
information regarding The SOAS Working Papers in Linguistics please email
Anne Rowlands at

Tel: (44) 0207 898 4640
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