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Thu Jan 7 1999

Support: Syracuse University, University of S. Carolina

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  1. writchie, Syracuse University Master's degree TAships
  2. Stanley Dubinsky, University of South Carolina Ph.D.

Message 1: Syracuse University Master's degree TAships

Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 13:37:55 -0500 (EST)
From: writchie <>
Subject: Syracuse University Master's degree TAships

 The Linguistic Studies Master of Arts Program at Syracuse
University, Syracuse USA, will have a number of Teaching Assistantships
available beginning in Fall 1999 as support for those interested in
pursuing an American Master's degree in any one of the following six areas:
(1) Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, (2) Linguistic
Analysis, (3) Language in Culture and Society, (4) Logic and Language, (5)
Language Acquisition, (6) Information Representation and Retrieval.
 The available Teaching Assistantships involve teaching duties in
the following areas: elementary French language, elementary Spanish
language, elementary Chinese language, elementary Russian language, and
introductory linguistics. Recipients of these awards receive tuition and a
stipend that will cover living expenses.
 To ensure consideration for these TAships, applicants should submit
all admissions materials by Jan. 15, 1999. However, competition will
remain open until all awards are granted. Candidates for language TAships
must have at least native-like proficiency in the language and must, of
course, meet requirements for admission to the program.
 For application materials, address an inquiry to the Graduate
Admissions Office, Syracuse University, at one of the following -- voice
phone USA (315) 443-4492 or FAX USA (315) 443-3423 or email
<GRADSCHLSYR.EDU> For further information about the MA in Linguistic
Studies at Syracuse, contact William C. Ritchie at voice phone USA (315)
443-5905 or FAX USA (315) 443-5376 or email at the address in the heading
of this message.
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Message 2: University of South Carolina Ph.D.

Date: Mon, 21 Dec 98 16:18:48 EST
From: Stanley Dubinsky <DUBINSKVM.SC.EDU>
Subject: University of South Carolina Ph.D.

The Linguistics Program ( and
the Center for Business Communication (
at the University of South Carolina are proud to announce a
new cooperative endeavor for 1999-2000.

The Linguistics Program at U of SC has recently defined a
Ph.D. minor field of study in English Composition and
Rhetoric. We are interested in receiving applications from
potential Ph.D. students who would want to pursue a Ph.D.
in Linguistics with a primary concentration in the
area of Second Language Acquisition and ESL, and a
secondary concentration in Composition and Rhetoric.

A graduate assistantship is being made available to a student with
these concentrations through the Center for Business Communication (CBC)
at the Darla Moore School of Business. Because the Center works
with many non-native speakers of English, this assistantship would be
particularly attractive to a linguistics student whose research interests
lie in the field of second language writing.

Applicants for the Ph.D. in Linguistics should hold an M.A.
in Linguistics or some related discipline. The degree
requirements include seven core courses in linguistic theory
(phonology, syntax, etc.), a four course specialization in
some subdiscipline of Linguistics (e.g. historical linguistics,
second language acquisition, sociolinguistics), and a four
course secondary specialization in Composition and

Compensation for a CBC assistant consists of a tuition
waiver and $13,000 per year stipend. This covers 20 hours
per week during the Fall, Spring, Summer I and Summer II
semesters. Anyone with good writing skills, previous
writing center experience, composition teaching
experience, or business experience would be desirable. The
assistants' duties include:
1. Consulting with students, faculty, staff, and alumni of
 The Darla Moore School of Business on writing and oral
 communication projects.
2. Writing a report on each consulting session.
3. Developing workshops and training materials in crosscultural
 communication and in L2 writing and speaking.
4. Attending a weekly staff meeting.
5. Performing other clerical, research, writing and
 presentation tasks as required.

Individuals interested in applying to the Ph.D. program in
Linguistics should contact Professor Stanley Dubinsky
(, Linguistics Program, USC, Columbia,
SC 29208.

More information about the Linguistics Program is
available at

General information for prospective students can be found
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