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Easy Abstracts: Current Conferences

There are 918 EasyAbs conferences.

This page displays EasyAbs current conferences and conferences held during the past 12 months. Conferences are ordered by conference start date. Conferences which are currently accepting abstracts at this time are marked in red.

Conference Name Conference Dates Abstract Submission Location

Nordic Prosody 2016 10-Jun-16 to 12-Jun-16 21-Mar-16 to 10-May-16 NTNU, Trondheim (Norway)
American Pragmatics Association (AMPRA) 03-Nov-16 to 06-Nov-16 01-Aug-15 to 16-Apr-16
Fifth Implicit Learning Seminar 23-Jun-16 to 25-Jun-16 01-Dec-15 to 02-Mar-16 Lancaster, UK
ExAPP2016 21-Sep-16 to 24-Sep-16 Open until 01-Feb-16 University of Vienna
3rd International Symposium on Language for International Communication 26-May-16 to 27-May-16 31-Aug-15 to 16-Jan-16 Riga, Latvia
ICEHL-19 22-Aug-16 to 26-Aug-16 Open until 16-Dec-15 University of Duisburg-Essen, Essen, Germany
Sound to Word in Bilingual and Second Language Speech Perception 31-Mar-16 to 02-Apr-16 01-Sep-15 to 12-Dec-15 Iowa City, Iowa
Texas Language Education Research (TexLER) Conference 19-Feb-16 to 20-Feb-16 15-Aug-15 to 02-Dec-15 San Antonio, TX
IGALA 9 19-May-16 to 21-May-16 Open until 01-Dec-15 City University of Hong Kong
12th Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics 12-May-16 to 15-May-16 Open until 01-Dec-15 New Britain, CT, USA
ICPLA 2016 15-Jun-16 to 18-Jun-16 Open until 17-Nov-15 Halifax, Canada
NWAV AP4 22-Apr-16 to 24-Apr-16 01-Sep-15 to 16-Nov-15 Chiayi, Taiwan
Congrès annuel de l'Association canadienne de linguistique appliquée/Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics Annual Conference 30-May-16 to 01-Jun-16 Open until 16-Nov-15 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
The 30th Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics (ASAL 30) 31-Mar-16 to 03-Apr-16 Open until 16-Nov-15 Stony Brook University, New York
Current Approaches to Spanish and Portuguese Second Language Phonology - CASPSLaP 2016 15-Apr-16 to 17-Apr-16 15-Sep-15 to 02-Nov-15 Columbus, OH
TexLER 19-Feb-16 to 20-Feb-16 Open until 02-Nov-15 San Antonio
The AMC Symposium on Historical Dialectology 09-Jun-16 to 10-Jun-16 Open until 01-Nov-15 Edinburgh
International Conference on Indian Languages in Contact Situations 04-Feb-16 to 06-Feb-16 01-Aug-15 to 16-Oct-15 Deccan College, Pune
The First International Conference of Cultural Linguistics 21-Jul-16 to 22-Jul-16 Open until 16-Oct-15 Prato, Italy
2016 Nordic Conference on Romani Studies 13-Apr-16 to 15-Apr-16 Open until 16-Oct-15 Södertörn University, Huddinge, Sweden

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