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Easy Abstracts: Current Conferences

There are 225 EasyAbs conferences.

This page displays EasyAbs current conferences and conferences held during the past 12 months. Conferences are ordered by conference start date. Conferences which are currently accepting abstracts at this time are marked in red.

Conference Name Conference Dates Abstract Submission Location

Challenges VII - 2016 20-Oct-16 to 21-Oct-16 Open until 01-Aug-16 Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic
Conference on Central Asian Languages and Linguistics 07-Oct-16 to 09-Oct-16 Open until 04-Jun-16 Bloomington, Indiana
Nordic Prosody 2016 10-Jun-16 to 12-Jun-16 21-Mar-16 to 10-May-16 NTNU, Trondheim (Norway)
Den sjuende nasjonale forskerkonferansen om norsk som andrespråk 20-Oct-16 to 21-Oct-16 Open until 02-May-16 Trondheim, Norway
2016 HISPANIC LINGUISTICS SYMPOSIUM 07-Oct-16 to 09-Oct-16 Open until 16-Apr-16 Georgetown University
American Pragmatics Association (AMPRA) 03-Nov-16 to 06-Nov-16 Open until 16-Apr-16
Hispanic Linguistics Symposium 2016 07-Oct-16 to 09-Oct-16 15-Feb-16 to 16-Apr-16 Georgetown University, Washington DC
8th Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching (PSLLT) Conference 12-Aug-16 to 13-Aug-16 Open until 09-Apr-16 University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada
9th International Conference on Construction Grammar 05-Oct-16 to 07-Oct-16 Open until 01-Apr-16 Federal University of Juiz de Fora - Brazil
Time and Language 25-Aug-16 to 26-Aug-16 Open until 01-Apr-16 Turku
GEN TEFL International Conference 2016 30-Jul-16 to 31-Jul-16 Open until 01-Apr-16 Phitsanulok, Thailand
2016 UIC Bilingualism Forum 20-Oct-16 to 21-Oct-16 Open until 28-Mar-16 University of Illinois at Chicago
5th International Conference on Language, Literature and Culture 12-May-16 to 14-May-16 Open until 21-Mar-16 Burdur, Turkey
Borderland Linguistics Conference 27-Jun-16 to 28-Jun-16 Open until 17-Mar-16 University of Bristol
Forty Years after Keenan 1976 07-Sep-16 to 09-Sep-16 Open until 16-Mar-16 Ghent University
Forty Years after Keenan 1976 07-Sep-16 to 09-Sep-16 Open until 16-Mar-16 Ghent University
Tutorial and Research Workshop on Experimental Linguistics 2016 01-Jul-16 to 02-Jul-16 Open until 02-Mar-16 Saint Petersburg, Russia
The 49th Annual Meeting of the British Association for Applied Linguistics 01-Sep-16 to 03-Sep-16 Open until 02-Mar-16 Anglia Ruskin University, UK
Southeastern Conference on Linguistics 83 28-Mar-16 to 31-Mar-16 Open until 02-Mar-16 New Orleans
Fifth Implicit Learning Seminar 23-Jun-16 to 25-Jun-16 Open until 02-Mar-16 Lancaster, UK
The Fourth Undergraduate Conference on ELT, Linguistic, and Literature 18-Jun-16 to 18-Jun-16 22-Feb-16 to 02-Mar-16 Yogyakarta, Indonesia
German Abroad 2 02-Nov-16 to 04-Nov-16 Open until 02-Mar-16 Austin, TX, USA
Sociolinguistics Circle 3 15-Apr-16 to 15-Apr-16 Open until 01-Mar-16 Nijmegen
BAAL Language Learning and Teaching SIG conference 30-Jun-16 to 01-Jul-16 Open until 29-Feb-16 Lancaster United Kingdom
2nd Norwegian Graduate Student conference in Linguistics and Philology 06-Oct-16 to 07-Oct-16 Open until 29-Feb-16 Trondheim, Norway

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