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Easy Abstracts: Current Conferences

There are 222 EasyAbs conferences.

This page displays EasyAbs current conferences and conferences held during the past 12 months. Conferences are ordered by conference start date. Conferences which are currently accepting abstracts at this time are marked in red.

Conference Name Conference Dates Abstract Submission Location

Pronunciation in Second Language Learning & Teaching (PSLLT) 9th Annual Conference 01-Sep-17 to 02-Sep-17 09-Jan-17 to 08-Apr-17 University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
AustraLex 2017 27-May-16 to 29-Aug-17 01-Aug-16 to 01-Feb-17 USP, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
BICLCE2017 28-Sep-17 to 30-Sep-17 Open until 01-Feb-17 Vigo
dekdoktorlar 24-Jun-16 to 30-Jan-17 Open until 31-Jan-17 Turkey
Congrès annuel de l'Association canadienne de linguistique appliquée/Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics Annual Conference 28-May-17 to 31-May-17 01-Aug-16 to 03-Dec-16 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
SDUTSJ LSP conference 18-May-17 to 20-May-17 Open until 02-Dec-16 Rimske Toplice, Slovenia
NACIL 1 27-Apr-17 to 30-Apr-17 Open until 01-Dec-16 Stony Brook University
WAFL13 25-May-17 to 28-May-17 Open until 01-Dec-16 ICU, Tokyo, Japan
31st Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics 30-Mar-17 to 01-Apr-17 Open until 02-Nov-16 University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma
Special Track On Intelligent Language Processing: Trends and Application 24-Oct-16 to 26-Oct-16 Open until 01-Nov-16 Egypt
Translating Creolization Symposium 2 18-May-17 to 19-May-17 Open until 01-Nov-16 University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados
Innovative Methods in Sociophonetics II 19-Apr-17 to 19-Apr-17 01-Aug-16 to 22-Oct-16 University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Language Testing Forum 2016 25-Nov-16 to 27-Nov-16 Open until 16-Oct-16 University of Reading, UK
7. Tagung Mehrsprachigkeit als Chance 03-Jul-17 to 05-Jul-17 01-Aug-16 to 16-Oct-16 Kassel, Deutschland
4th International Workshop on Sound Change 19-Apr-17 to 22-Apr-17 01-Aug-16 to 16-Oct-16 Edinburgh, Scotland
Spanish in the US/Spanish in Contact with other Languages 06-Apr-17 to 08-Apr-17 Open until 15-Oct-16 Provo, UT
Lavender Languages and Linguistics 28-Apr-17 to 30-Apr-17 Open until 05-Oct-16 University of Nottingham, UK
TCFL 2017 22-May-17 to 23-May-17 Open until 02-Oct-16 Helsinki, Finland
4th Symposium on Spanish as a Heritage Language 16-Feb-17 to 18-Feb-17 Open until 02-Oct-16 University of California, Irvine
Language Testing Forum 2016 25-Nov-16 to 27-Nov-16 Open until 27-Sep-16 University of Reading, UK
iTELL 2016 03-Nov-16 to 04-Nov-16 01-Aug-16 to 17-Sep-16 Salatiga, Indonesia
Cultures and Languages in Contact 14-Dec-16 to 15-Dec-16 Open until 15-Sep-16 El Jadida, Morocco
Diversity and Variation in Language: DiVar 1 10-Feb-17 to 11-Feb-17 Open until 10-Sep-16 Atlanta, Georgia
A Germanic Sandwich 2017 17-Mar-17 to 18-Mar-17 Open until 04-Sep-16 Münster (Germany)
5th International Symposium on History of English Lexicography and Lexicology (HEL-LEX5) 16-Feb-17 to 18-Feb-17 Open until 02-Sep-16 University of Zurich, Switzerland

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