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Conference Information
Conference Title:  49th Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea
Acronym: SLE 2016
Location: Naples, Italy
Start/End Date: 31-Aug-2016 - 03-Sep-2016
Contact: Ana Díaz-Negrillo
Conference Email: click here to access email
General Description:
The Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE) and The University of Naples Federico II are pleased to announce the “49th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE 2016)”, to be held in Naples, 31-3 September, 2016.

SLE meetings provide a forum for high-quality linguistic research from all (sub)domains of linguistics and seeks to attract the submission of workshop proposals and papers on specialised linguistic areas. The meetings also host a round table of experts to discuss topics of linguistic interest.

Ana Díaz-Negrillo
SLE Conference Manager

Michela Cennamo
Chair of the Local Organising Committee

Plenary Speakers:

Martin Haspelmath (University of Leipzig/MPI Jena)
Delia Bentley (University of Manchester)
Marc van Oostendorp (University of Leiden)

Round Table “Multilingualism in a Changing Europe: Theoretical and Empirical Issues”

Durk Gorter (University of the Basque Country EHU/UPV)
Susanne Romaine (University of Freiburg/Hawaii)
Antonella Sorace (University of Edinburgh)
Linguistic Subfield(s): General Linguistics

The following session(s) will be held during this conference: Paradigms in inflection and derivation
SLE Workshop on Complex Adpositions in European Languages
Ad Hoc Categories and Their Linguistic Construction
Diachronic Treebanks - Workshop at the 49th SLE Meeting
Middle and Early New Indo-Aryan: a crucial period for linguistic development?
How Is English Changing the Languages We Speak?
Compounding and Derivation: Interactions in Structure and Interpretation
Diachronic Contact and Change in Ancient and Modern Languages
Diachronic and Functional Explanations in Linguistic Typology
SLE Workshop: Bad Data: Methodological Aspects in Historical Sociolinguistics
Rise of Complementizers
Paradigms in Inflection and Derivation
Language Contact in the Territory of the Former Soviet Union
The Crosslinguistic Diversity of Antipassives: Function, Meaning and Structure
Typology of Uralic Languages: Towards Better Comparability
The Profile of Event Delimitation
Notions of 'feature' in linguistic theory: cross-theore
Light Verb Constructions as Ccomplex verbs
Notions of 'Feature' in Linguistic Theory: Cross-Theoretical and Cross-Linguistic Perspectives
Towards a Typology of Olfactory Expressions
Perspective-indexing Constructions
Propositions vs. States-of-Affairs
Paradigms in Word Formation: New Perspectives on Data
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