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Media: MIT 'big brother' Style Language Acquisition Test

Submitter: Dave Sayers

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Linguistic Field(s): Language Acquisition

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From the article:

'A baby is to be monitored by a network of microphones and video cameras
for 14 hours a day, 365 days a year, in an effort to unravel the seemingly
miraculous process by which children acquire language.

Deb Roy at MIT's Media Lab, US, devised the unusual project and even
volunteered his own family as its guinea pigs. Since his newborn son left
hospital nine months ago, Roy's whole family has been monitored by 14
microphones and 11 one-megapixel 'fish-eye' video cameras, attached to
the ceilings of each room in their house.

By capturing a continuous stream of data about his son's experiences, Roy
hopes to better understand the early development of language.'
Issue Number: 17.1529
Date Posted: May 16, 2006