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Media: The Pottery Recording Video is a Fake

Submitter: Mike Matloff

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Media Body: I am sorry to report that the video 'documentary' on the supposed ancient
recording in the grooves of pottery is a complete (but elaborate) hoax that
was apparently perpetrated as part of a 2005 April Fool's joke. I wish to
thank Dr. Young of the University of Newcastle on Tyne and Dr. Hall of Ohio
State University for pointing this out to me.

I initially found the 'story' on The Raw Feed ( which
is a generally well-respected news source and has never let me down before.
No mention is made on the main page that the story is a fake; however, if
you click on the comments section, you will see that others have commented
to that effect. Apparently this video was made by a Belgium film student as
part of his portfolio. This appears to be his Web page:

I do not see the humor in making such a film, especially in light of the
fact that there is no subtitle or any indication whatsoever given that the
video is a farce.

At any rate, please accept my apologies.

Issue Number: 17.586
Date Posted: February 21, 2006