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Media: Liberty Post:: Ancient Alphabet Found

Submitter: Karen Chung

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Linguistic Field(s): Writing Systems
Anthropological Linguistics

Media Body: The Liberty Post Nov 9, 2005
Source: The New York TImes

A Is for Ancient, Describing an Alphabet Found Near Jerusalem

By John Noble Wilford

In the 10th century B.C., in the hill country south of Jerusalem, a scribe
carved his A B C's on a limestone boulder - actually, his
aleph-beth-gimel's, for the string of letters appears to be an early
rendering of the emergent Hebrew alphabet.

Archaeologists digging in July at the site, Tel Zayit, found the inscribed
stone in the wall of an ancient building. After an analysis of the layers
of ruins, the discoverers concluded that this was the earliest known
specimen of the Hebrew alphabet and an important benchmark in the history
of writing, they said this week.

Karen Chung
Issue Number: 16.3360
Date Posted: November 18, 2005