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Media: iPhone voice recognition Siri doesn't have Spanish: Why not?

Submitter: Brent Woo

Submitter Email:
Linguistic Field(s): Phonetics

Media Body: Fox News reports that strangely the new iPhone speech recognition
assistant, Siri, does not come with Spanish support, even though it has
English, French, and German support. Siri, which is still in beta
stage, understands a range of commands that can be used to operate

Ariel Coro, founder of Tu tecnologia, reports that: 'Spanish is a fairly
language to interpret for natural voice recognition since there are many
variations which sound completely different to a voice recognition

Coro adds that Spanish support would likely require training the
software, a
capability not included in Siri at the moment.

Although the confusion at Apple's neglect is understandable, since
Spanish is
not an insignificant language especially in the United States, the
in the article justifying it are questionable. Spanish is just as
widespread as English and French, and Apple went to the lengths to
United Kingdom and Australian versions of the English software.

Moreover, what are these 'many variations' unique to Spanish that are
difficult for voice recognition software? Is it true that Spanish naturally
for software to interpret?

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Issue Number: 22.3904
Date Posted: October 06, 2011