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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted
'Mapuche vs Microsoft: Intellectual Property Rights' 'Megan' 'Zdrojkowski' 17.3509 Nov-27-2006
'Bill Bright Obituaries: NY Times, LA Times' 'Ann' 'Sawyer' 17.3147 Oct-26-2006
'Language Radio Series' 'Evan' 'Bradley' 17.2557 Sep-11-2006
'Non-English Internets' 'Mark' 'Jones' 17.2177 Jul-28-2006
'Endangered Languages on National Public Radio' 'Ann' 'Sawyer' 17.2063 Jul-14-2006
'Apes That Talk' 'Karen' 'Stanley' 17.2004 Jul-08-2006
'The Return of ''Simplified English Spelling''' 'Michael' 'Teegarden' 17.1972 Jul-05-2006
'Linguistic Myth-busting' 'Mike' 'Matloff' 17.1869 Jun-23-2006
'Welsh Language Article, The Guardian' 'Mark' 'Jones' 17.1870 Jun-23-2006
'Article on Time/Space Concepts in Aymara' 'Michael' 'Teegarden' 17.1795 Jun-14-2006
'MIT ''big brother'' Style Language Acquisition Test' 'Dave' 'Sayers' 17.1529 May-16-2006
'Dolphins ''have their own names''' 'Madalena' 'Cruz-Ferreira' 17.1427 May-08-2006
'English lingua franca and English Identity' 'Madalena' 'Cruz-Ferreira' 17.1426 May-08-2006
'Chomsky Thinks Study Is For The Birds' 'Jess' 'Tauber' 17.1286 Apr-26-2006
'Linguists'' Brains' 'Michael' 'Teegarden' 17.1054 Apr-07-2006
'NYTimes Science article on language revitalization' 'Paul' 'Chapin' 17.734 Mar-07-2006
'The Pottery Recording Video is a Fake' 'Mike' 'Matloff' 17.586 Feb-21-2006
'6500 year old voices - that''s contemporary art!' 'Silvia' 'Lipski' 17.573 Feb-21-2006
'6500-year-old voices recorded in pottery!' 'Mike' 'Matloff' 17.552 Feb-19-2006
'The Language Feed' 'Sally' 'Morrison' 17.488 Feb-13-2006
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