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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted
'Nahuatl Oral Tradition' 'Norbert' 'Francis' 25.3116 Jul-30-2014
'''New Scientist'' feature about Bangime' 'Matthew' 'Bradley' 25.2419 Jun-03-2014
'New, unique Native American maps using autonyms' 'Aaron' 'Carapella' 25.1536 Mar-31-2014
'More genders on Facebook, still the same pronouns' 'Dennis' 'Baron' 25.1041 Mar-03-2014
'Video Programs Featuring the Oral Tradition of the Nahuatl-Speaking Communities' 'Norbert' 'Francis' 24.3793 Sep-25-2013
'Spatial Relationships in Australian Languages' 'Christine' 'Nicholls' 24.3514 Aug-29-2013
'Rapping to Preserve the Sami Language' 'Brent' 'Woo' 24.3174 Aug-06-2013
'Efforts to Preserve the Ojibwe Language' 'Brent' 'Woo' 24.3175 Aug-06-2013
'Active Revitalization Efforts Stir Extinct South Australian Language' 'Brent' 'Woo' 24.3103 Jul-30-2013
'Beijing Linguistic Committee Initiative to Preserve Old Beijing Chinese Dialect' 'Brent' 'Woo' 24.3102 Jul-30-2013
'Black English in the Spotlight: Rachel Jeantel''s Testimony' 'Brent' 'Woo' 24.2760 Jul-08-2013
'Are Sounds Of The Caucasus Shaped By The Mountains Themselves?' 'Brent' 'Woo' 24.2761 Jul-08-2013
'Popular Fully-Automated Translation Systems Have Gender Biases' 'Brent' 'Woo' 24.2258 May-31-2013
'Endangered Jewish Languages Studied and Documented' 'Brent' 'Woo' 24.2243 May-30-2013
'Unique Russian Dialect Recorded in Alaska' 'Brent' 'Woo' 24.2240 May-30-2013
'MIT-Haiti Initiative for KreyĆ²l-based Instruction' 'Tometro' 'Hopkins' 24.2080 May-15-2013
'Raleigh, NC, has Nearly Lost its Southern Accent' 'Brent' 'Woo' 24.1615 Apr-09-2013
'Australia Gives $14 Million to Support Language Resources' 'Brent' 'Woo' 24.1264 Mar-13-2013
'Technology Saves Endangered Languages' 'Brent' 'Woo' 24.1263 Mar-13-2013
'Endangered Languages Project Article in Language Magazine' 'Anna' 'Belew' 24.1207 Mar-11-2013
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