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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted
'Time Magazine: "Singlish" ' 'Karen' 'S. Chung' 13.1977 Jul-25-2002
'Today in Literature: Malapropisms ' 'Karen' 'Chung' 14.192 Jan-20-2003
'Today in Technology: Eliza ' 'Karen' 'S. Chung' 14.72 Jan-09-2003
'Tolkien''s Lang, NYT Disc/The Language Instinct ' 'Suzette' 'Haden Elgin' 13.23 Jan-07-2002
'Top English Words of 2009' 'Evelyn' 'Richter' 21.183 Jan-11-2010
'U.H. Students Setting up Language Documentation Center' 'John' 'Lawler' 16.934 Mar-25-2005
'US Public Radio: Chinese-lang Newspapers in USA ' 'Lee' 'Hartman' 13.819 Mar-26-2002
'Unique Russian Dialect Recorded in Alaska' 'Brent' 'Woo' 24.2240 May-30-2013
'VOA on Language ' 'Karen' 'Chung' 14.1162 Apr-22-2003
'VOA online: Foreign language teaching in the US ' 'Karen' 'Chung' 14.1155 Apr-21-2003
'Variation and Change in Dublin English' 'Raymond' 'Hickey' 23.1098 Mar-04-2012
'Video Programs Featuring the Oral Tradition of the Nahuatl-Speaking Communities' 'Norbert' 'Francis' 24.3793 Sep-25-2013
'Washington Post article on endangered languages' 'Paul' 'Chapin' 20.1291 Apr-06-2009
'Washington Post: The @ sign' 'Karen' 'Chung' 16.2871 Oct-04-2005
'Welsh Counting System Makes Maths Easier' 'Mark' 'Jones' 16.3642 Dec-17-2005
'Welsh Language Article, The Guardian' 'Mark' 'Jones' 17.1870 Jun-23-2006
'Welsh Language Board replaced by one Commissioner' 'Brent' 'Woo' 22.3929 Oct-06-2011
'Whither the Southern Accent?' 'Mike' 'Matloff' 16.3388 Nov-23-2005
'Wordclouds Ignore Language' 'Brent' 'Woo' 22.4051 Oct-15-2011
'World Policy Journal Article on Hindi vs. Hinglish' 'Neha' 'Madhusoodanan' 23.2734 Jun-14-2012
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