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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted
'News Reviews in Jamaican Creole' 'Andre' 'Sherriah' 19.3303 Oct-16-2008
'Nim Chimsky: The Chimp Who Would Be Human' 'Mayrene' 'Bentley' 19.868 Mar-13-2008
'Non-English Internets' 'Mark' 'Jones' 17.2177 Jul-28-2006
'On Learning a Second Language' 'Mfon' 'Udoinyang' 21.3575 Sep-08-2010
'Online Chat: North American Editor, OED ' '' '' 14.1474 May-22-2003
'Origin of Term ''redskin''' 'Paul' 'Fallon' 16.2870 Oct-03-2005
'PBS series "The Secret Life of the Brain" ' 'Fallon,' 'Paul' 13.144 Jan-21-2002
'Phonetics and Telekinesis' 'Mark' 'Jones' 22.3835 Apr-08-2011
'Polyglottery discussed in ''''Babel No More''''' 'Brent' 'Woo' 23.367 Jan-20-2012
'Popular Fully-Automated Translation Systems Have Gender Biases' 'Brent' 'Woo' 24.2258 May-31-2013
'Possible Language Gene/NY Times Articles ' 'Carlota' 'S. Smith' 12.2488 Oct-07-2001
'Preservation of Chamorro Bolstered by Community' 'Brent' 'Woo' 23.3401 Aug-14-2012
'Preserving Tribal Heritage with Online Games' 'Ella' 'Earp-Lynch' 16.422 Feb-09-2005
'Prince attacks ''voguish'' GCSE text message studies' 'Anthea' 'Gupta' 16.1828 Jun-09-2005
'Pro MA in Comp Ling Webcast, Feb. 15th, 3:30 PST' 'Steven' 'Moran' 18.507 Feb-14-2007
'Psycholing: BBC Radio 4: ''A Voice in the Crowd'' ' 'Dominic' 'Watt' 13.2345 Sep-18-2002
'Radio Show on UG' 'Martha' 'McGinnis' 18.1731 Jun-06-2007
'Radio interview: Saving the Siletz Language' 'Karen' 'Ward' 23.2525 May-23-2012
'Radio/Web Broadcast: Scottish Language Archive ' 'Simon' 'Musgrave' 13.1683 Jun-14-2002
'Raleigh, NC, has Nearly Lost its Southern Accent' 'Brent' 'Woo' 24.1615 Apr-09-2013
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