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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted
'Does Your Language Shape How You Think?' 'Mfon' 'Udoinyang' 21.4033 Oct-12-2010
'Dolphins ''have their own names''' 'Madalena' 'Cruz-Ferreira' 17.1427 May-08-2006
'Early Modern English: Shakespeare at the Globe' 'John' 'Lawler' 16.2205 Jul-18-2005
'Economist: Lingua Franca for a Tropical Babel' 'Veronika' 'Koller' 16.550 Feb-23-2005
'Efforts to Preserve the Ojibwe Language' 'Brent' 'Woo' 24.3175 Aug-06-2013
'Electronic Conf/Lang & Culture ' 'Scott' 'McGinnis' 13.682 Mar-13-2002
'Endangered Australian Language Recorded in Dictionary' 'Brent' 'Woo' 23.1733 Apr-04-2012
'Endangered Jewish Languages Studied and Documented' 'Brent' 'Woo' 24.2243 May-30-2013
'Endangered Lang Article in Chronicle of Higher Ed' 'Doug' 'Whalen' 20.2075 Jun-03-2009
'Endangered Langs/U.S. Nat''l Public Radio ' 'Steven' 'Bird' 13.686 Mar-13-2002
'Endangered Langs: ABC News Website ' 'Peter' 'K. Austin' 13.900 Apr-01-2002
'Endangered Languages ''On the Road'' with Bob Holman' 'Stephanie' 'Nikolopoulos' 23.2337 May-16-2012
'Endangered Languages Project Article in Language Magazine' 'Anna' 'Belew' 24.1207 Mar-11-2013
'Endangered Languages in New York' 'Lowell' 'Winterbottom' 22.3906 Sep-21-2011
'Endangered Languages on National Public Radio' 'Ann' 'Sawyer' 17.2063 Jul-14-2006
'Endangered Languages, Time Magazine ' 'Suzette' 'Haden Elgin' 13.1615 Jun-06-2002
'English lingua franca and English Identity' 'Madalena' 'Cruz-Ferreira' 17.1426 May-08-2006
'English still encroaching on French jobs' 'Brent' 'Woo' 23.1932 Apr-16-2012
'Facebook in Kaqchikel' 'Brent' 'Henderson' 23.3377 Aug-11-2012
'Farming and Language-Spread? ' 'linguist' '' 14.1295 May-07-2003
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