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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted
'Apes That Talk' 'Karen' 'Stanley' 17.2004 Jul-08-2006
'Books: The Language Police ' 'Peter' 'T. Daniels' 14.1227 Apr-30-2003
'Chomsky Thinks Study Is For The Birds' 'Jess' 'Tauber' 17.1286 Apr-26-2006
'Article on Time/Space Concepts in Aymara' 'Michael' 'Teegarden' 17.1795 Jun-14-2006
'The Return of ''Simplified English Spelling''' 'Michael' 'Teegarden' 17.1972 Jul-05-2006
'Yahoo: Gov''t Seeking to Preserve Dying Languages' 'Michael' 'Teegarden' 16.1526 May-12-2005
'Linguists'' Brains' 'Michael' 'Teegarden' 17.1054 Apr-07-2006
'MIT Libraries Receive Papers of Noam Chomsky' 'Theresa A.' 'Tobin' 23.750 Feb-14-2012
'Guardian Article on Larry Trask ' 'Zoe' 'Toft' 14.1794 Jun-27-2003
'BBC Interview on Archiving Endangered Langs ' 'Zoe' 'Toft' 14.797 Mar-19-2003
'BBC Online Article on Talking Ape ' 'Zoe' 'Toft' 14.32 Jan-07-2003
'"Deaths of Languages"/Natural History ' 'Larry' 'Trask' 12.2532 Oct-11-2001
'Robots Invent a Language' 'Mfon' 'Udoinyang' 22.3836 May-19-2011
'Does Your Language Shape How You Think?' 'Mfon' 'Udoinyang' 21.4033 Oct-12-2010
'On Learning a Second Language' 'Mfon' 'Udoinyang' 21.3575 Sep-08-2010
'Radio interview: Saving the Siletz Language' 'Karen' 'Ward' 23.2525 May-23-2012
'BBC Programme: Interview with Michael Newton ' 'Andrew' 'Ward' 14.689 Mar-10-2003
'BBC Radio: English vs Language Diversity ' 'Dominic' 'Watt' 13.2534 Oct-04-2002
'Psycholing: BBC Radio 4: ''A Voice in the Crowd'' ' 'Dominic' 'Watt' 13.2345 Sep-18-2002
'Language Death: Wall Street Journal ' 'Doug' 'Whalen' 13.816 Mar-25-2002
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