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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted
'Mark Baker Book, Science Times ' 'David' 'Golumbia' 13.115 Jan-18-2002
'Cognitive Sci and Tenured Profs at U. Louisiana' 'Monica' 'Gonzalez-Marquez' 22.2843 Jul-07-2011
'Lang & Perception: Scientific American ' 'Chester' 'Graham' 13.883 Mar-30-2002
'BBC: Searching for the Welsh-Hindi link' 'Antony' 'Green' 16.790 Mar-15-2005
'Digital Race to Save Languages ' 'Kleanthes' 'Grohmann' 14.839 Mar-21-2003
'Prince attacks ''voguish'' GCSE text message studies' 'Anthea' 'Gupta' 16.1828 Jun-09-2005
'Endangered Languages, Time Magazine ' 'Suzette' 'Haden Elgin' 13.1615 Jun-06-2002
'The Atoms of Language/Article/Books & Culture ' 'Suzette' 'Haden Elgin' 12.2661 Oct-24-2001
'Tolkien''s Lang, NYT Disc/The Language Instinct ' 'Suzette' 'Haden Elgin' 13.23 Jan-07-2002
'Re: Lehrer News Hour 8/27/02 ' 'Suzette' 'Haden Elgin' 13.2195 Aug-29-2002
'SciFi: We Have Always Spoken Panglish' 'Suzette' 'Haden Elgin' 16.1524 May-12-2005
'Ainu Teaching Controversy at Hokkaido University, Japan' 'Huamei' 'Han' 20.3062 Sep-09-2009
'National Geographic WorldTalk Endangered Languages' 'K. David' 'Harrison' 18.187 Jan-17-2007
'US Public Radio: Chinese-lang Newspapers in USA ' 'Lee' 'Hartman' 13.819 Mar-26-2002
'NPR: Whistling to Communicate in Alaska' 'Lee' 'Hartman' 16.1924 Jun-22-2005
'Facebook in Kaqchikel' 'Brent' 'Henderson' 23.3377 Aug-11-2012
'Linguistics Ig Nobel Prize' 'Peter' 'Hendriks' 18.2903 Oct-04-2007
'BBC: Bid to save nearly-lost language' 'Peter' 'Hendriks' 16.1835 Jun-10-2005
'Variation and Change in Dublin English' 'Raymond' 'Hickey' 23.1098 Mar-04-2012
'Teknoloji-Pedagoji: Article on Teaching Science and Math in Haitian Kreyol' 'Tometro' 'Hopkins' 24.238 Jan-13-2013
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