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Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date Posted
'Technology Revitalizes Endangered Languages ' 'Terry' 'Langendoen' 14.706 Mar-11-2003
'BBC: The @ sign ' 'Karen' 'S. Chung' 14.713 Mar-12-2003
'Stevan Harnad Adaptive Function of Lang ' 'Gloria' 'Origgi' 14.714 Mar-12-2003
'Today in Technology: Eliza ' 'Karen' 'S. Chung' 14.72 Jan-09-2003
'BBC Interview on Archiving Endangered Langs ' 'Zoe' 'Toft' 14.797 Mar-19-2003
'Digital Race to Save Languages ' 'Kleanthes' 'Grohmann' 14.839 Mar-21-2003
'"The Straight Dope" on Koko ' 'Fallon,' 'Paul' 14.957 Apr-01-2003
'Klallam Language Revival ' 'Fallon,' 'Paul' 14.978 Apr-02-2003
'NYT: New lexicographer appointed for Oxford American Dictionary' 'Karen' 'Chung' 16.1035 Apr-04-2005
'Indystar: A town for sign language users' 'Karen' 'Chung' 16.1036 Apr-04-2005
'CP: Tribes, Gov''t Want ''Squaw'' Names Changed' 'Pamela' 'Munro' 16.1037 Apr-04-2005
'IHT: Meanwhile: The world is Englishing' 'Anthony' 'Aristar' 16.1164 Apr-12-2005
'BBC: ''Geek speak'' confuses net users' 'Karen' 'Chung' 16.1229 Apr-17-2005
'NYT: Johnson''s Dictionary' 'Karen' 'Chung' 16.1230 Apr-17-2005
'NYT: Do You Speak Tho Fan?' 'Marisa' 'Ferrara' 16.1262 Apr-19-2005
'LAT: Villaraigosa''s Spanish Is One of L.A.''s Languages' 'Karen' 'Chung' 16.1325 Apr-24-2005
'LAT: A Twist for an Ancient Tongue Trying to Survive' 'Karen' 'Chung' 16.1325 Apr-24-2005
'MIT: Bird''s brains reveal source of songs' 'Neil' 'Salmond' 16.1326 Apr-25-2005
'SciFi: We Have Always Spoken Panglish' 'Suzette' 'Haden Elgin' 16.1524 May-12-2005
'CBC: The Trubbel with English' 'John' 'Lawler' 16.1525 May-11-2005
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