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FYI: LSA Request For Proposals: eLanguage

Author: Stephen Anderson

Linguistic Field(s): Discipline of Linguistics

FYI Body: Request For Proposals: eLanguage

The Executive Committee of the Linguistic Society of America
(EC) intends to establish by early in 2007 a new, independent, on-line
electronic journal (eLanguage) as a complement to its print journal,
Language. The exact structure and format of the new journal remain to
be determined, and proposals are solicited from members of the Society
who might be interested in editing and administering it, and in
participating in its initial definition.

The Society's primary intention in establishing eLanguage is to
provide a venue for the publication in timely fashion of short research
pieces. As a result, we foresee its central feature as a set of such
''Research Notes,'' published with only limited reviewing and avoiding
as far as possible the delays inherent in standard (print) journal
publication. We also intend that the ''Book Notices'' (as opposed to full
reviews) presently published in Language will be transferred to
eLanguage. Other aspects of the content of the new journal are open to
discussion however. Among the possibilities that have been suggested
for augmenting this basic menu are the following:

• Short field reports on endangered languages and work underway
to document and preserve them.
• Regular ''op ed'' opinion pieces representing a range of positions
on developments in the field of Linguistics.
• Information, of the sort once available in the journal Lingua
Franca, concerning personnel actions in Linguistics: who has
been hired where, who has recently moved from where to where,
• A new electronically facilitated job ad service, such that
members of the LSA can lodge an electronic dossier (including a
CV and a limited number of generic recommendations, etc.)
which can be sent directly to institutions advertising positions.

These are meant only as suggestions, and essentially all details of
the nature and content of eLanguage are subject to negotiation.
The EC hopes to receive proposals in time for discussion at its
meeting in June, 2006. A proposal should include information about (at
least) the following:
• The proposed editorial staff, and their qualifications to make
decisions on submissions across the field of linguistics with
minimal turn-around time.
• The availability of computer facilities (including access to
internet bandwidth) sufficient to serve as the journal's
• Support from the editor's home institution adequate to limit the
budgetary demands on the Society to a manageable level.
• Proposed format, including design, timetable (regular issues vs.
continuous publication as material becomes available), file type
(PDF or HTML are probably the best choice here, though others
are possible), content types, etc.
• Proposed schedule for initiating the journal.
• Budgetary and other support required from the LSA.

Proposals may be submitted in electronic form (as PDF files) to the
LSA secretariat by 1 May, 2006.

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