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FYI: Couchsurfing Linguists

Author: Judith Gottschalk

Linguistic Field(s): Discipline of Linguistics

FYI Body: Hi everyone,

We have founded a couchsurfing group for linguists arranging to meet
or visit other linguists for purposes of fun, collaboration, sharing, and
good times as well as for arrangements for conferences.

The group is meant as a network for linguists all over the world
interested in meeting other linguists or who need a sleeping place for a
conference in case of low budget or over crowded hotels. This group is
meant as help for linguists and linguistics students planning for
conferences and having no funding as well as those linguists who like
to build a friendship network all over the world.

We can provide help in finding sleeping places for free as well as
providing fun stuff.

Please join us!

Judith Gottschalk

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