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FYI: The GerManC Corpus is Now Available

Author: Richard J. Whitt

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics
Historical Linguistics
Text/Corpus Linguistics

FYI Body: The GerManC Corpus, a multi-genre representative corpus of Early
Modern German from 1650-1800, is now publicly available for
download at

Following the model of the ARCHER corpus and given the aim of
representativeness, the GerManC corpus consists of text samples of
about 2000 words from eight genres: drama, newspapers, sermons
and personal letters (to represent orally oriented registers) and
narrative prose (fiction or non-fiction), scholarly (i.e. humanities),
scientific and legal texts (to represent more print-oriented registers). In
order to facilitate tracing historical developments, the whole period was
divided into fifty year sections (in this case 1650-1700, 1700-1750 and
1750-1800), and an equal number of texts from each genre was
selected for each of these sub-periods.

The complete corpus thus consists of 360 samples, comprising
approximately 800,000 words. Appendix 1 in the download package
contains a lists of the files in the corpus with full documentation in an
Excel spreadsheet. In addition to plain text, the corpus is also available
in TEI Lite P5 XML, GATE XML, and GATE column formats.

Project web-site:

Project Team: Martin Durrell (PI), Paul Bennett (Co-Investigator), Silke
Scheible (RA), Richard J. Whitt (RA), and Astrid Ensslin (RA,
newspaper corpus)

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