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FYI: New Release: StringNet 3.0 at

Author: Nai-Lung Tsao

Linguistic Field(s): Text/Corpus Linguistics

FYI Body: We are happy to announce the release of StringNet 3.0, the latest
web-based version of the StringNet lexico-grammatical knowledgebase
of English. StringNet 3.0 has 2 billion unique multiword patterns (what
we call hybrid n-grams), nearly 7 times more than the 300 million
patterns in StringNet 2.0. In other words, SN 3.0 captures 1.7 billion
patterns that had slipped through the net of SN 2.0. We have also
added several more types of links for navigating among and
discovering related patterns, so SN 3.0 is a much denser net. Also,
each word or slot in each pattern can be clicked on to list the other
words that can replace that word or occupy that slot.

As in previous versions, StringNet 3.0 takes queries of one or more
words and shows the multiword patterns (hybrid n-grams) in which that
word occurs or those words co-occur conventionally (submit queries at Response time for queries of SN 3.0 is much faster
than previous versions.

Give it a try at:

You can also join our mailing list there to receive StringNet updates
and news.

Best regards,

David Wible and Nai-Lung Tsao

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