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FYI: Language: Recent Publications 88.1

Author: Natsuko Tsujimura

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

FYI Body: The print journal Language has now phased out the publication of
book notices in its pages. All book notices are now being published
online in the new electronic journal known as eLanguage (see the
announcement at, and the Editor's
Department in the March 2006 issue of Language (82.1)). Book
reviews and review articles will continue to be published in the pages of
Language as they always have been.

The lists of books currently available for 500-word book notices are
posted at

The opportunity to write book notices is offered to all readers of
Language whether or not they are LSA members, though the editor
reserves the right to decline to send books to volunteers whose
previous book notices have presented substantive or stylistic problems
that increase the time required for editing. Students are encouraged to
write book notices, though a faculty supervisor must agree to approve
the book notice before it is submitted to the editor. Book notices are
due within three months after the reviewer receives the book; this
insures that works are reviewed in a timely fashion.

The number of singly authored reviews and book notices by any one
reviewer may not exceed 10 per year. Also, a single reviewer may
appear as the (co-)author on as many as 15 submissions in one year.
This means that in addition to 10 singly-authored reviews/notices, a
reviewer may additionally have 5 co-authored reviews/notices in one
year. (Note, however, that these limits are subject to change, and
reviewers would be advised to check with the review editor if they
approach these limits.)

Additional information on writing reviews and book notices for
Language can be found at the Language Reviews website

Please note again that notices for the books on this list will not be
published in the print version of Language; instead, they will be
published online in eLanguage.

Please feel free to circulate this list to colleagues.

Book requests should be made by submitting the form available at

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