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FYI: AAAL award, Lexical Generative Grammar

Author: Alan Juffs

FYI Body: 1998 AAAL Award for Distinguished Scholarship and Service


To recognize and honor a distinguished scholar for her/his scholarship
and service for the American Association for Applied Linguistics.

Nomination Procedures

1. Any member of AAAL may nominate a person for this award. Curren
Executive Committee members are ineligible as recipients.

2. FIVE copies of a 400-500 word letter of nomination sent to the AAAL
Business Office. The contents of the nomination letter should state
specific contributions of the nominee in the areas both ofscholarship
and service to AAAL. Letters may be addressed to the AAAL awards

3. A curriculum vitae OR a summary of accomplishments to include both
scholarship and service to AAAL.

4. On a separate piece of paper, the individual writing the nomination
letter should provide his/her complete address, telephone number, fax
number, and e-mail address.

Due Date: SEPTEMBER 30 1997

Five copies of the nomination letter and CV or summary of
accomplishments must be received by SEPTEMBER 30th 1997. It may be
submitted by e-mail or FAX.

Send nomination letter to:

AAAL Award for Distinguished Scholarship and Service.
AAAL Business Office
PO Box 21686
Eagan, MN 55121-0686
Phone: 612-953-0805
Fax: 612-431-8404
E-mail: <>

Questions concerning the AAAL Award for Distinguished Scholarship and
Service may be addressed to the co-chair of the 1998 AAAL Awards

Alan Juffs
Dept. of Linguistics
Univ. of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

(412) 624 3750

Lexical Generative Grammar is now available as a PDF File a This is Lon
Diehl's dissertation and he has given me permission to make i
available in electronic form. Please note: there are three parts of
the dissertation. I did that so that each part could fit on a 3.5
diskette for those who still use them. These FILES are about 1 meg
each and are PDF format. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader, go to the
Associate submenu of your file manager and associate PDF to NONE, tha
way the files will download rather than open up within your browser.
I have experienced trouble when PDF was associated with the reader.I
suppose it has something to do with available resources, although I'm
not sure. I've implemented the suggestions I have given you and have
successfully downloaded the files so this should take care of the
problem. Sorry about the trouble.

Michael Fillippini

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