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FYI: Galician Language

Author: Henrique Serra

FYI Body: Forwarded from a group on Galacian languages:

I'm writing to you from Galicia, a country in NW Spain
(Europe). We Galicians have a lesser used (or minoritised)
language and every year, on 17 May we celebrate its day. Las
year for the first time we arrived to the Net and tried to
gather as many versions as possible of a text talking abou
minority languages: Vietnamese, Pampango, Asturian, Welsh,
Gaelic and many others. This year we would like to add some
other languages in an attempt to let the world know that even
the least spoken languages of the world can find a place in this
new digital era. That's why I'm writing to you. I'd like to know
if you could pass this message to your list and try to get some
other translations of this text.

The place were you can find the translations made in 1996 is:
under "traduccions" (translations).

and this is the text:

I wanted and want the Galician language to last and continue
because its existance is the only possibility for us to exist as
a people. I wanted Galicia to continue, not only our grass and
granite Galicia, the pride that is the land of our dead, bu
also the Galicia that is our language. One day, I hope my death
to be a eulogy unto this land: that I may give grass to the
earth; and my epitaph shall proclaim, "Here lies one whose work
made Galicia last a thousand more springtimes".

We would be very grateful if we hear from you.
Thank you very much in advance.

Saudos desde Galicia / Greetings from Galicia

Xabier Canosa

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