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Author: Nick Nicholas

FYI Body: The University of Melbourne Working Papers in Linguistics Vol. 16
(1996) has just been released, and can be purchased from the
Department (Dept. of Linguistics & Applied Linguistics, University of
Melbourne, Parkville 3052, Australia; for $15 Australian, plus postage. A
Table of Contents and Abstracts for the current volume are given on;
previous issues' contents and abstracts are also given on the
Departmental Web Site.

Nick Nicholas, Ling. & App. Ling,
Melbourne Uni, Australia <>
"Despite millions of dollars of research, death continues to be this
nation's number one killer." --- Henry Gibson, Kentucky Fried Movie.

Utrecht Studies in Language and Communication

Volume 7:
Nicole Ummelen
Procedural and declarative information in software manuals
Effects on information use, task performance and knowledge
Amsterdam/Atlanta, GA 1997. 224 pp.
ISBN: 90-420-0128-3 Hfl. 75,-/US-$ 46.50

Volume 8:
Geraldine W. van Rijn-van Tongeren
Metaphors in medical texts
Amsterdam/Atlanta, GA 1997. 186 pp.
ISBN: 90-420-0127-5 Hfl. 60,-/US-$ 37.50

Volume 9:
Discourse analysis and evaluation: functional approaches
Edited by Leo Lentz and Henk Pander Maa
Amsterdam/Atlanta, GA 1997. 175 pp.
ISBN: 90-420-0119-4 Bound Hfl. 90,-/US-$ 56.-
ISBN: 90-420-0137-2 Paper Hfl. 25,-/US-$ 15.50
Volume 10:
Louise H. Cornelis
Passive and perspective
Amsterdam/Atlanta, GA 1997. 295 pp.
ISBN: 90-420-0157-7 Hfl. 90,-/US-$ 56.-

Volume 11:
Kristi Jauregi Ondarra
Collaborative negotiation of meaning
a longitudinal approach
Amsterdam/Atlanta, GA 1997. V, 504 pp.
ISBN: 90-420-0116-X Hfl. 160,--/US-$ 100.--

For more information (abstracts, tables of contents) contact:

Eric van Broekhuizen
Keizersgracht 302-304
1016 EX Amsterdam
The Netherlands

tel: **-31-(0)20-6227507
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