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FYI: Indo-European

Author: Fco. Javier Martinez Garcia

FYI Body: TITUS has the new Indo-European
Course Register (Sommer Semester 1997)

We have now incorporated it into the
TITUS Project web pages under following URL:

Best Regards
J. Martinez

A set of 200-item lexicostatistical lists for 95 Indoeuropean varieties
is now available from the Linguistic Data Consortium in the US
(, currently at page:

and in Australia from:

This data has provided the basis for several publications, including:

Dyen, Isidore, Joseph B. Kruskal & Paul Black. 1992. An Indoeuropean
classification: A lexicostatistical experiment. (Transactions of the
American Philosophical Society Vol. 82, Part 5.) American
Philosophical Society, Philadelphia.

The data is accompanied by an annotated bibilography of lexicostatistics
and by quantitative findings based on the data, including
lexicostatistical percentages and estimates of relative time depths and
replacement rates for meanings.

The data may be useful not only in reference the above monograph,
but also as a basis for comparing the results of other approaches to
lexicostatistics, such as the GLOTTO program of Jacques Guy discussed in
LINGUIST Vol-5-630 at:

Paul Black <> Faculty of Education <> Northern Territory University
Darwin NT 0909 Australia <> ph (08) 8946 6133 <> fax (08) 8946 6151

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