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FYI: Bolinger bibliography, LSA nominations

Author: John M. Lawler

FYI Body: A definitive bibliography of the late Professor Dwight Bolinger,
including a picture of Bolinger as well as complete references to all
339 of his published works (2 of which are still to appear) and to
biographical and autobiographical pieces, has been prepared by his son
and literary executor, Bruce Bolinger <>. It is
available on the World Wide Web a


-John Lawler U Michigan Linguistics
"Language is the most massive and inclusive art we know, a - Edward Sapir
mountainous and anonymous work of unconscious generations." Language (1921)

1998 Elections. The Nominating Committee requests that members who wish to
suggest nominees for Vice President/President-Elect and for two positions
on the Executive Committee write to: Richard Oehrle, Dept Ling, U AZ, PO
Box 210028, Tucson, AZ 85271-0028; Those submitting
suggestions should not, of course, at this stage, ascertain the willingness
of the possible nominee to run. The deadline for suggestions is 1 April

1998 Committee and Delegate Appointments. In early May, the Committee on
Committee and Delegate Appointments will be nominating members for
committee appointments. The names of those who expressed interest in
committee assignments last year will be forwarded to the Committee. Your
suggestions of additional potential nominees would be most appreciated.
Send names by 1 April 1997 to: LSA Secretariat, 1325 18th St, NW, Suite
211, Washington, DC 20036-6501;

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