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FYI: Preprint, Arabic software

Author: Margaret Ann Doll

FYI Body: >The following preprint is available via anonymous ftp and the web:
> Structure and function in the lexical system:
> Insights from distributed models of word reading and lexical decision
> David C. Plau
> Departments of Psychology and Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University,
> and the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition, Pittsburgh PA, USA
> To appear in Language and Cognitive Processes
>The traditional view of the lexical system stipulates word-specific
>representations and separate pathways for regular and exception words. An
>alternative approach views lexical knowledge as developing from general
>learning principles applied to mappings among distributed representations of
>written and spoken words and their meanings. On this distributed account,
>distinctions among words and between words and nonwords are not reified in
>the structure of the system but reflect the sensitivity of learning to the
>relative systematicity in the various mappings. Two simulation experiments
>address findings that have seemed problematic for the distributed approach.
>Both involve a consideration of the role of semantics in normal and impaired
>lexical processing. The first experiment accounts for patients with impaired
>comprehension but intact reading in terms of individual differences in the
>division of labor between the semantic and phonological pathways. The second
>experiment demonstrates that a distributed network can reliably distinguish
>words from nonwords based on a measure of familiarity defined over semantics.
>The results underscore the importance of relating function to structure in
>the lexical system within the context of an explicit computational framework.
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>David Plaut <> Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition and
>Mellon Institute 115, CNBC Departments of Psychology and Computer Science
>Carnegie Mellon University MI 115I, 412/268-5145 (fax -5060)
>4400 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh PA 15213-2683
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