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FYI: Lg in Judicial Process, Phonetics

Author: Bethany K. Dumas

FYI Body: I am happy to report that the server problems associated with my
electronic journal of language and law, "Language in the Judicial
Process," have been resolved. The URL <> now gives
full access to the current issue (issue 2.4, online today) and all back

Because of the nature of the server problems, issue 2.4 contains fewer
items than originally planned. The book reviews for the books listed below
will be in 3.1, to appear shortly.

Thank you for your helpful posts re access problems and for your

Best regards,
Bethany Dumas

Books Reviewed in 3.1:

The Bilingual Courtroom: Court Interpreters In The Judicial Process.
By Susan Berk-Seligson. Chicago: University of Chicago Press 1990.

The Practice Of Court Interpreting. By Alicia Betsy Edwards.
Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing 1995.

Translation and the Law. By Translation and the Law. Marshall
Morris, ed. Vol. VIII of the American Translators Association Scholarly
Monograph Series, Amsterdam and Philadelphia: Benjamins, 1995.

Bethany K. Dumas, J.D., Ph.D. Applied Linguistics, Language & Law
Department of English EMAIL:
415 McClung Tower (423) 974-6965, (423) 974-6926 (FAX)
University of Tennessee Editor, Language in the Judicial Process
Knoxville, TN 37996-0430 USA <>

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