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FYI: School deadline extension, Jespersen texts

Author: LOT (Christien Bok)

FYI Body: LOT Winterschool 1998 Leiden


Courses Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics (LOT)

>From 17 - 28 januari 1998 the LOT Graduate Courses will take place in
Leiden. You can find course descriptions, enrollment forms and more
information at You can also contac
the LOT-secretariat, (Christien Bok, LOT, Trans 10, 3512 JK Utrecht, The
Netherlands, +31(0)30-2536006, fax. +31(0)30-2536000,email:
We will send you a booklet with course-descriptions and enrollment forms.
Enrollment for LOT affiliates are free, for others it's DFL 350, for one
week, excl. lodging.

Deadline for enrollements: November 15 1997

You can still fill in an enrollmentform, the easiest way is
to fill in
You can also send a form to the LOT-secretariat.


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Landelijke Onderzoekschool Taalwetenschap
Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics

Trans 10
3512 JK Utrech
Phone: +31 30 2536006
Fax: +31 30 2536000
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Dear linguists,

About two weeks ago, I posted a query on two books and two articles.
(1) Jespersen, Otto. A Linguist's Life.[an English translation of his
(2) Jespersen, Otto. Progress in Language.
(3) Christophersen, P. 1972. "Otto Jespersen: A retrospect." Transactions
of the Philological Society 1-19.
(4) Haislund, Niels. "Otto Jespersen." In Thomas A. Sebeok, Portraits of
Linguists. vol.2. Bloomington & London: Indiana UP., 1966: 148-57.

Sebastian Adorjan Dyhr [] and Elisabeth Seitz
[] have promised to mail me a copy of
Jespersen's autobiography and his Progress in Language, respectively. As
regards the articles, I have received them sent by Robin Thelwall
[] and Pam Lindell []. My
query must have troubled all of you too much. I am greatly moved by your
warm help. Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

Best wishes!

Chao Li
Room 2073, Dorm 46
Peking University
Beijing, 100871
P.R. China


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