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FYI: Olympic Linguistic Problems

Author: Ivan A Derzhanski

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

FYI Body: Dear World,(1) In Linguist 14.2597 I wrote:The site contains some information on the Olympiad, and will contain more before long. Until the poster and the leaflet are uploaded there, you can find them at and , respectively. The tex of the statements and solutions of the problems in the languages in which they were offered to the contestants (that is, Russian, Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch and Estonian) is now undergoing a final editing process, and then it, along with an English version, will also be made available.The site is in progress, but it is slow going. Rather than have people wait, I gave the problems temporary shelter on my site. The address is> .Follow the link to the language of your choice and the forma you prefer (PostScript or PDF).Enjoy the problems, and if you feel like composing one yourself and/or recruiting secondary school students near you who would be interested in solving such problems, get in touch with me! (Or with Boris Iomdin, .)(2) I have for some time been working on a book which will contain twenty problems from Bulgarian linguistic contests, with extensive comments and accompanying readings. An ever-changing draft can be perused on (in PostScript and PDF), and will be there until the book is published on paper. Meanwhile comments, criticism, additions, subtractions, error reports etc. are highly welcome. (I don't even have a titlefor the book, and am open for suggestions. ... Anyone?)Ivan A Derzhanski H: cplx Iztok bl 91, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria W: Dept for Math Lx, Inst for Maths & CompSci, Bulg Acad of Sciences

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