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FYI: African Ling, Typology, English Accents Website

Author: Adams B. Bodomo

FYI Body: University of Hong Kong
Department of Linguistics

International Summer Course and Workshop in African Linguistics
June 3 - June 28, 2002


This summer, the Department of Linguistics, University of Hong Kong is
organizing a one-month course and workshop in African Linguistics. One of
the distinct aspects of the Department is its international and
cross-linguistic orientation. While it has a strong grounding in Cantonese
and Chinese linguistics, it also covers linguistic studies from other parts
of the world, including Africa.

In terms of theoretical development within the exciting field of
Linguistics, African linguistic data have been the basis of much research
and development of new ideas about phonetics, phonology, morphology,
syntax, and semantics.

The primary objective of this summer course and workshop is to create an
explicit awareness of African language studies as the basis of cutting-edge
theoretical developments in linguistics through a series of intensive
workshops, advanced linguistic courses, and language proficiency courses in
selected African languages.

Participation in the summer course and workshop will lead to a deeper
understanding of the subject matter of linguistics in a comparative
perspective. We encourage undergraduate and graduate students of Hong Kong
and other parts of the world, and established linguists and language
enthusiasts to take advantage of this opportunity to get a one-month
introduction to African languages and the cultures associated with them.

The core staff will include Professor Sam Mchombo of UC Berkeley and Dr. A.
Bodomo of the University of Hong Kong. They will be supported by graduate
students and tutors who will assist with the proficiency courses. During
the workshops, several course participants will be invited to make
presentations. Updates of the following information and a registration form
can be found on our website at:

Summer Course in African Languages and Linguistics

I. Proficiency Courses (4 weeks in duration):
AfriLang 101: Beginners Course in Dagaare: Dr. A. Bodomo, HKU
AfriLang 102: Beginners Course in Twi: Mr. Charles Marfo, HKU
AfriLang 103: Beginners Course in Hausa: (TBA)
AfriLang 104: Beginners Course in Swahili: Prof. Sam Mchombo, UC Berkeley

II. Intermediate Linguistics Courses: (4 weeks in duration)
AfriLing 101: The Structure of West African Languages: Dr. A. Bodomo, HKU
AfriLing 102: The Structure of Bantu Languages: Prof. Sam Mchombo, UC Berkeley

Workshops on African Linguistics: (2 weeks in duration)
Workshop 1: African Linguistics and the Theory of Grammar: led by Prof. Sam
Mchombo, UC Berkeley
Workshop 2: Topics in Comparative African and Asian Linguistics: led by Dr.
A. Bodomo and Dr K. K. Luke, The University of Hong Kong

Important dates

Registration deadline: April 30, 2002
Notification of Acceptance: May 15, 2002
Course starts: June 3, 2002
Course ends: June 28, 2002

Preliminary Time table

Proficiency (4 weeks):
Mondays 10 - 12: AfriLang 101/102
Tuesdays 10 -12: AfriLang 103/104
Wednesdays: 10 - 12: AfriLang 101/102
Thursdays: 10 - 12: AfriLang 103/104
Fridays: Free days for exercises and tutor
consultation/games/demonstrations, etc.

Intermediate Courses (4 weeks)
Mondays: 2 - 4: AfriLing 101
Tuesdays: 2 - 4: AfriLing 102
Wednesdays: 2 - 4: AfriLing 101
Thursdays: 2 - 4: AfriLing 102
Fridays: Free days for exercises and tutor
consultation/games/demonstrations, etc.

Workshops (21/06 and 28/06):

Friday, 21st June: Workshop 1

9am: Introduction:
9.30 - 12: 5 papers
12-1230: Discussion

2pm: Introduction:
2.30 - 5: 5 papers
5.30 - 6pm: Discussion

Friday, 28th June: Workshop 2

9am: Introduction:
9.30 - 12: 5 papers
12-1230: Discussion

2pm: Introduction:
2.30 - 5: 5 papers
5.30 - 6pm: Discussion

Summer Course and Workshop dinner and African evening: 9pm TDB!

Dr. A. Bodomo


The Research Centre for Linguistic Typology at La Trobe University in
Melbourne, Australia, is home to a wide range of scholars who undertake
intensive studies of previously undescribed (or barely described)
languages. Building upon reliable descriptive studies, members of the
Research Centre also work on inductive typological generalizations
concerning the nature of human language. All of our work is in terms of
basic linguistic theory (in preference to any of the formal theories of the

We welcome enquiries from similarly oriented scholars who would be
interested in spending a sabbatical at RCLT. We can provide a room and a
computer, plus an intellectual ambiance of the highest order.

For further information, please consult our website,

Anyone interested should write to RCLT's Associate Director, Alexandra
Aikhenvald, on

Professor Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald, FAHA
Associate Director
Research Centre for Linguistic Typology
Institute for Advanced Study
La Trobe University
Bundoora, Vic
Australia 3083


phone: 61-(0)3-9467-3079 Uni
61-(0)3-9455-0020 home

fax 61-(0)3-9467-3053

Administrator: 61-(0)3-9467-3128

The Evaluating English Accents WorldWide (EEAWW) project is made up
of an international group of scholars interested in analysing the
evaluations and opinions of different national and ethnic groups to
four of the "standard" accents of English: Near-RP (educated
Southern English English); General North American; and
middle-of-the-road Australian and New Zealand accents. We use 22
personality, voice, and status traits in the questionnaire for this
project. The data acquired by the EEAWW project is being used in a
number of different research projects and studies by participants.

Our website at the University of Otago
( has
now been revamped and enlarged to make navigation easier. Summary
results of our evaluations in New Zealand, Australia, the USA,
England, Finland, Sweden, Germany, and Fiji are now available on the
site, along with sound clips of the accents used and the text read by
each of the eight male and female voices. We also present new data
from 56 students from the National University of Singapore, and 75
Hong Kong Baptist University students, and have added a new page on
research currently in progress.

The EEAWW project is actively seeking new researchers in Africa,
Latin America, and South and Southeast Asia. All researchers share
access to the data obtained and may use it for any ethical research
purpose. Please contact me at the e-mail address below if you are

Donn Bayard, EEAWW Coordinator

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Donn Bayard
Associate Professor
Anthropology Department Te Tari Matauranga Tikanga Tangata
University of Otago Te Whare Wananga o Otakou
Dunedin, New Zealand Otepoti, Aotearoa

Phone +64 -3-479-8738
Fax +64 -3-479-9095

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