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FYI: Academic Database, Generative Linguists

Author: Michael Mauws

FYI Body: Members of LINGUIST might find of interest. It's a site tha
some colleagues and I have put together that, in essence, is yet another academic
database, albeit one that can be searched in a wide variety of ways. What makes this
one different is that it allows the academic community to enter in and edit its
contents. Thus, researchers can enter in the citation details of their publications
(and others' publications) and then link these to a public identity that they
create. They can also link references, faculties, universities and the like, with
the result being a rich web of academic information.

The site's been up and running in beta version for about a year now, and was
initially seeded with data from the Library of Congress. If people have any
questions, they can send them my way.

Best regards,

Michael K. Mauws, Ph.D.

I would like to contact generative linguists who are native or near-native speakers of
Spanish and who work or will be working in or around Medellin, Colombia. We are trying
to set up a training program for teachers of deaf students and we need to be able to
give them a course in generative grammar as part of the training. If anyone is
interested in helping us, please contact me, Marianna Pool at, where I
will be happy to explain what is going on.

Marianna Pool
Centro de Estudios Linguisticos y Literarios
El Colegio de Mexico

Subject-Language: Spanish; Code: SPN

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