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FYI: Website/Applied Ling, ASL Digital Video Data

Author: HC)lC(neKnoerr

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Hélène Knoerr
Hélène Knoerr
Secrétaire de l'ACLA/ CAAL Secretary
Institut des langues secondes
Université d'Ottawa
600 King Edward
OTTAWA, Ontario K1H 7P7
(613) 562-5800/ 3475
(613) 562-5126 (fax)


I would like to announce the availability of digital video data
corresponding to the ASL constructions (as signed by native signers)
discussed in two recent publications:

Neidle, C., J. Kegl, D. MacLaughlin, B. Bahan, and R.G. Lee (2000)
The Syntax of American Sign Language: Functional Categories
and Hierarchical Structure. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Bahan, B., J. Kegl, R.G. Lee, D. MacLaughlin, and C. Neidle (2000)
The Licensing of Null Arguments in American Sign Language.
Linguistic Inquiry 31:1, 1-27.

These examples are now available at our Web site and on CD-ROM, along
with other electronic documents and video data corresponding to many
other publications of the American Sign Language Linguistic Research
Project. See .

Many of the examples just made available were collected in our new
facility. For those sentences, multiple views of the signer are
provided; in addition, these data are available in various video
formats. For more information about the National Center for Sign
Language and Gesture Resources, see .

These projects have been supported, in part, by grants from the
National Science Foundation.

Carol Neidle Boston University, MFLL 718 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, MA 02215
phone and fax: 617-353-6218

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