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FYI: Military Lang Programs, Three New Web Sites

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FYI Body: Our phone numbers have changed, If you would like to
look into the opportunities for learning foreign languages with the
United States Army, You may now contact Staff Sergeant Sarah Chapman A
702-639-2048 or myself Staff Sergeant Bill Hudon at 702-639-2047. Our
E-mail is still This week we do have one slo
for a Vietnamese class and 2 for Persian Farsi. I can always of course
use the able minded to learn Russian, Arabic, Korean and Chinese
Mandarin. Check out our earlier postings for more info.(search
military). I am still trying a buddy program where I can place two
people in the same language class at the same time so that there is a
friendly familiar face to study with. I can probably place more than
two, but I haven't had anyone interested yet. We are a new program for
the Army, so if someone tells you we can't guarantee a language, they
would have been right 8 months ago.

Bill Hudon

My recently-published software called Concordance is now
available for download. This is sophisticated text analysis software
for making concordances, wordlists, and Web Concordances. It is
already in use among language teachers, lexicographers,
historians, linguists, and literary scholars, for example because of
its ability to display the most frequent collocations of words. It also
supports many different Western languages.

Its unique ability, however, is to turn a concordance into HTML
ready for the web with a single click.

The unregistered version of Concordance is freely downloadable
from This is a fully functional
version with a time limit.

Rob Wa
Download Concordance at

Linguistic Exploration

This page describes online corpora and tools for empirical linguistic
research. It has been compiled in connection with my study of formal
models for representing multimodal linguistic field data, and on
platform-independent open-source tools for manipulating such data.
The page includes pointers to about 20 existing efforts in this area.
Please let me know if I've missed anything.

Assoc Director, LDC; Adj Assoc Prof, CIS & Linguistics
Linguistic Data Consortium, University of Pennsylvania
3615 Market St, Suite 200, Philadelphia, PA 19104-2608


The Survey of English Usage, University College London, is pleased to
announce the release of the Internet Grammar of English.

The Internet Grammar is an online course in English grammar written
primarily for university undergraduates. However, we hope that it will be
useful to everyone who is interested in the English language. The approach
is broadly traditional, though we have made use, where appropriate, of
modern theoretical work.

The grammar course consists of the following main sections:

Word Classes
Introducing Phrases
Clauses & Sentences
Form & Function
Functions in Phrases

Within these sections, the course is designed as a series of linked topics.
Most topics contain interactive exercises, which provide immediate feedback
based on the answers submitted. Some topics are illustrated using JavaScrip

The Internet Grammar is fully searchable, and it includes a comprehensive
Glossary of grammatical terms and an Index.

The Internet Grammar is now available at this address:

To avoid potentially long download times, the Internet Grammar is also
available on CD-ROM. Prices start at 25 Pounds Sterling (GBP) + VAT, where
applicable. Institutional and network versions are charged at differen
rates. For full details, visit the website above, or email the Survey of
English Usage at

- ---------------------------------------------------------------
Survey of English Usage
Department of English
University College London
Gower Stree
London WC1E 6BT

Telephone: 0171-419-3119 Marie Gibney (Administrator)
0171-419-3120 SEU Research Uni
Fax: 0171-916-2054

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