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FYI: Linguistic Institute, Gender & Language

Author: Ling Inst

FYI Body: ************** 1999 LSA Linguistic Institute ************

**************** June 21-July 30, 1999 ***************

********** University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign *******

Classes will be offered by 80 leading linguists from all
over the world, in the areas of:

Syntax, Semantic and Pragmatics
Phonology and Phonetics
Field Methods
Historical and Indo-European Linguistics
Sociolinguistics and Second Language Acquisition
African, Japanese, Korean, Native American, Semitic, and
South Asian Linguistics
Computational Linguistics

For detailed information on courses, instructors,
applications, housing,etc.
please visit our web site (address below)

STUDENTS at all levels are encouraged to attend.
Tuition is US $1,300 for 6-weeks, or US $1,000 for
4-weeks or less. Fellowships are available from the LSA
(deadline for applications: FEB 11).

AFFILIATES can register directly through the LSA
(6-week affiliate fee is $1035 or $835 for 4-weeks or less)
For more information on Tuition and Fees please visit our
website at

We hope to see you this summer! For more information
contact us at:

1999 Linguistic Institute, Department of Linguistics,
University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign, 4088 FLB,
707 S. Mathews, Urbana, IL 61801.
tel (217) 333-1563

************* *******


It is time to acknowledge over a quarter of a century of excellen
work in gender, sexuality, and language and to ensure that this work
continues to be recognized as an essential component of language
research. The last 25 years have seen increased publication in the
field of language, gender and sexuality, the inclusion of language and
gender as a focus area at many national and international meetings,
and numerous regional and specialized conferences. The importance of
regional groups (especially the Berkeley Women and Language Group)
towards establishing language and gender as an academic field of study
cannot be overstated, and the continual regeneration of such groups is
vital to the larger fields of which language and gender studies is a
constituent part, such as anthropology, education, ethnic studies,
gender studies, linguistics, literary studies, psychology, rhetoric,
sociology, speech communication, and women's studies (as well as many
others). To complement regional and specialized conferences and to
create an accessible national network for language, gender and
sexuality researchers, we seek to form a national language and gender
organization. The working name of this organization is GALA (Gender
and Language Association).

We invite anyone interested in discussing the purpose, goals and
structure of a national language and gender organization to join in
the discussion on GALA-L, the GALA LIST. This closed, unmoderated lis
was formed with the express purpose of facilitating participation and
discussion of a national language and gender group. The ultimate goal
for this discussion will be to form a mandate for the national
organization. Of course, participation on the list is not limited by
language, gender or sexual preference(s), one's major field of
interest in language, or relationship to academia. Graduate students
and scholars beyond academia, including independent scholars, are
especially encouraged to participate.

with the following in the body of the message:

subscribe GALA-L Firstname Lastname

where "Firstname Fastname" are your own first name and last name. Or you
may subscribe via the web at:

You will receive information on how to post and on the guidelines for our
discussion. If you have questions about GALA-L, contact one of the

Mary Bucholtz, Department of English, Texas A&M University (
Sara Trechter, Department of English, California State University, Chico

If you have questions about GALA itself, contact one of the facilitators:
Mary Bucholtz, Department of English, Texas A&M University (
Justine Cassell, Media Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Megan Crowhurst, Department of Linguistics, University of North Carolina
Kira Hall, Department of Anthropology, Yale University
Monica Macaulay, Department of Linguistics, University of Wisconsin
Sara Trechter, Department of English, California State University, Chico

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