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FYI: Linguistic Agency, English grammar, Italian

Author: Elisabeth Coelfen

FYI Body: Dear list-members,

I want to let you know that most of the papers prebublished by L.A.U.D.
(Linguistic Agency) can be ordered online now.

See the catalogue:

Kind regards

Elisabeth Coelfen
Uni GH Essen FB3 - Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften
Webmaster LINSE - Linguistik-Server Essen

The following packages are now available for download from the
XTAG web page.

XTAG English Grammar: Release 1/15/99
- -----------------------------------

This web page contains the XTAG English grammar released on 1/15/99.
XTAG is distributed under the GPL. XTAG is an on-going project to
develop a wide-coverage grammar for English using a lexicalized Tree
Adjoining Grammar (TAG) formalism.

Web site:

Related XTAG Software
- -------------------

Web site:

SuperTagger: a tool for tagging sentences with SuperTags
(elementary trees).
Release 1.15.1999

Tcl/Tk tree/family viewer for the English grammar.
Release 1.15.1999

XTAG parser and grammar development interface
The current release of the XTAG parser and grammar developmen
is not portable enough to compile without problems. It requires
SunOS 5.5.1 and Lucid Common Lisp. Even on another Solaris
machine there might be problems with Lucid and xauth which cause
compile problems.

All of these distributions are distributed under the GPL. Please read through
the files COPYRIGHT and COPYING after you retrieve and install any of the above

To whom it may concern,

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is an Italian language school for foreigners
located in Florence, Rome and Siena. You can have a look at our web

(Learn Italian in Italy)

We are members of ASILS (Association of Schools of Italian as a Second
Language) and of ELITE (Excellent Institutions Teaching in Europe);
members of ELITE are the ARELS schools (English language schools, the
RELSA schools (Irish language schools), the SOUFFLE schools (French
language schools) and the AEEA schools (Spanish language schools).

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Guido Poggi

Italian language schools in Florence, Rome and Siena
via Brunelleschi 4, I-50123 Firenze-Italy
Tel.: ++ 39-55-290305
Fax.: ++ 39-55-290396
Web site:

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