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FYI: WordPerfect, South Asian Lang/Ling

Author: Yehuda N. Falk

FYI Body: In at least some versions of WordPerfect, there is a more
straightforward way to automatically number examples than creating an
empty endnote. It is not available in WP5, it is available in WP6 for
DOS, and I don't know about Windows versions.

The feature is called "Counters". In my version of WP (6.0a for DOS)
it is located under Layout| Character. You can define a counter (I
call mine "Example"), and then instead of putting an actual number a
the beginning of the example you push the "Increment and Display"
button in the Counters dialog box. It inserts a code which displays as
a number; this number gets updated automatically if you then add
examples before it, as long as they are also numbered with the
counter. No empty endnote is needed (nor empty graphics box, which is
what I used to do when I used WP5). The cross-reference feature works
with counters, so the numbers can be cross-referenced (the Generate
command is needed to update cross-reference numbers).

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