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FYI: Military Ling, Software, LSA Bulletin, Database

Author: Steven Flick

FYI Body: My name is Steve Flick and I am an Arabic linguist and currently a
foreign language advocate in the Army. If you are a US citizen age
17-35, and are interested in using your Arabic (or other language), or
want to get paid to go to school to learn a language, please call
(502)626-1050 or e-mail me at I
would be happy to explain the jobs available as well as the benefits
you may qualify for. Thank you.

For anyone interested in software for elementary Latin instruction or
self-instruction -- I have just finished producing a hypertext reader
for Caesar's De Bello Gallico, Book I (about 8000 wds.) Move the
cursor through the text and touch a button for any word you don't know
to get the citation form and English definition in a popup
window. It's available to download as a freeware for PC DOS or Windows
from my website:

Michael Cummings
York University, Toronto

The June 1999 LSA Bulletin is now available on the LSA website:

I have put together a database of parents raising bilingual children
looking for others working with the same language. I have entries
from all over the world working with a wide variety of languages. If
you know of anyone who might be interested please feel free to share
my email address...

Thank you

Michael (1-12-98)
EDD (6-26-99)
Eng/Ital *Kor

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