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FYI: ELRA News, Research Support, Deadline Extension

Author: Valerie Mapelli

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European Language Resources Association


We are happy to announce a new resource available via ELRA:
ELRA-S0063 German SpeechDat(II) FDB 4000

The German SpeechDat(II) FDB 4000 consists of 4000 calls over
the German fixed network, stored on 17 CD-ROMs in the final
SpeechDat(II) database exchange format. The speech databases
made within the SpeechDat(II) project were validated by SPEX,
the Netherlands, to assess their compliance with the SpeechDa
format and content specifications.

The following items were recorded:
- 1 isolated digi
- 1 sequence of 10 isolated digits
- prompt sheet number = 5
- 9-11 digit telephone number (read)
- 15-16 digit credit card number (read, 150 different credit card
numbers were found)
- 6 digit PIN code (read)
- 1 natural number (read)
- 1 money amount (read)
- 2 yes/no questions (spontaneous, not prompted)
- 3 dates (1 spontaneous, e.g. birthday; 1 prompted text form;
1 relative and general date form)
- 1 time of day (spontaneous)
- 1 time phrase (read)
- 3 application words
- 1 word spotting phrase
- 5 directory assistance names (1 spontaneous name (e.g. forename),
1 spontaneous city name, 1 read city name (from a list of 500 mos
frequent), 1 read company/agency name (from a list of 500 mos
frequent), 1 read proper name, fore- and surname (from list of
150 SDB names).
- 3 spellings (1 spontaneous, e.g. forename; 1 directory city name; 1
real/artificial word)
- 4 isolated words
- 9 phonetically rich sentences (read)

The speech files are stored as sequence of 8-bit, 8kHz A-law speech
files and are not compressed. Each prompt utterance is stored within
a separate file and has an accompanying ASCII SAM label file.

For further information, please contact :

ELRA/ELDA Tel : +33 01 43 13 33 33
55-57 rue Brillat-Savarin Fax : +33 01 43 13 33 30
F-75013 Paris, France E-mail :

or visit our Web site:

This is an call for proposals for the Multidisciplinary University Research
Initiative Program (DOD) The effort is on Tutorial Discourse and Susan
Chipman is POC.


Helen M. Gigley, Ph.D.
Program Officer
Office of Naval Research
800 N. Quincy Street (342)
Arlington, VA 22217-5660

phone: (703)-696-0407
fax: (703)-696-1212

Please, note that the dealine for submission of abstracts has been
extended until 30.05.1999. We look forward to receiving your abstracts
and to seeing you in Plovdiv in September.

For more information about the conference, visit our website at the

Best regards,
Iliyana Krapova
(on behalf of the Organizing Committee of FASSBL3)

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