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FYI: ALFAL Announcement, ELRA News

Author: GFW

FYI Body: The Latin American Association of Linguistics and Philology (ALFAL)
announces its new Regional Office for the U.S.A. and Canada c/o G. F.
Westphal, Dept. of Modern Languages & Linguistics, University of
Maryland, Baltimore County, MD 21250 (Fax 410-455-1025). ALFAL holds
its international meeting every three years (the last one at the
Universidad de Santiago de Chile in August of 1999) and publishes its
conference proceedings and the journal LINGUISTICA. The official
languages of ALFAL are Spanish and Portuguese. Memberships are US $
45 for three years, plus a one-time registration fee of US $ 30.
Please e-mail for an application form.

G. F. Westphal A. T. de Castilho
Delegado Regional Presidente de ALFAL

European Language Resources Association


Information about the EUROWORDNET resources can be found at ELRA.
The following language wordnets are available via ELRA:

ELRA-M0015 English EuroWordNet - 16361 synsets
ELRA-M0016 Dutch EuroWordNet - 44015 synsets
ELRA-M0017 Spanish EuroWordNet - 23370 synsets
ELRA-M0018 Italian EuroWordNet - 40428 synsets
ELRA-M0019 German EuroWordNet - 15132 synsets
ELRA-M0020 French EuroWordNet - 22745 synsets
ELRA-M0021 Czech EuroWordNet - 12824 synsets
ELRA-M0022 Estonian EuroWordNet - 7678 synsets

For further information, please contact:

ELRA/ELDA Tel : +33 01 43 13 33 33
55-57 rue Brillat-Savarin Fax : +33 01 43 13 33 30
F-75013 Paris, France E-mail :

For information about EuroWordNet:

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