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FYI: ELAN User Agreement, "The Slavonic Antiquity"

Author: ELAN User Community

FYI Body: ANNOUNCEMENT: ELAN - European Language Activity Network (EU-funded MLIS 121
Project): User Agreement for the new internet language service available now!

Find out about ELAN:

Dear All,

People interested in becoming member of the ELAN User Community, please
print out the User Agreement below, fill it out and send it to:

ELAN User Community Office
Institut für Deutsche Sprache
R 5, 6-13
68161 Mannheim

Enivsaged Starting Date for the User Community: December 1st, 1999

We are looking forward to welcome you in our User Community!


The ELAN User Community Office

ELAN User Agreemen

I Legal Agreemen

(1) General:

(1a) Conditions of Use:

All the data provided within the ELAN Network remains the exclusive
property of the legal copyright holder. The user acknowledges that most of
the resources are subject to copyright (and other) restrictions, and tha
violation of such restrictions may result in legal liability. The user
agrees to refrain from violating the restrictions. The explicit permission
of the copyright owners must be obtained for any further redistribution or
transmission. ELAN gives no warranties and makes no representation that the
network will be suitable for any particular purpose, accepts no
responsibility for any limitations or errors within the network or
resources, and also accepts no liability for any damages or losses which
may arise from any user's use of the network and resources.
The licence given by ELAN is non-exclusive and not transferable to other
persons, or other organisations. For organisations, the responsible person
must notify all associates who access the network of the restrictions
applying to the ELAN Network.

(1b) Security Measures:

Any individual user may register upon the conclusion of this agreemen
between him and ELAN, in order to receive a password which he/she can use
to log in to the ELAN Network.

For academic and industrial organisations each user may register upon the
conclusion of this agreement between a responsible person within their
organisation and ELAN, in order to receive a password which they can use to
log in to the ELAN Network.

To document all data transactions, a protocol will register for each login
the name of the user, the data, and the data transmitted to the user. ELAN
will regularly transmit this data to the data providers. This data will be
stored for up to five years after the transaction.

(2) Specific:

(2a) Non-Commercial Use:

Legal agreement between the ELAN Consortium (ECC MLIS 121 24500/0
contract), hereafter ELAN, and the non-commercial user/organisation,
hereafter "user".

Under this agreement, "user" is given password access to the ELAN User
Interface which will allow him to query pan-European language resources
through the ELAN Network search engine for research purposes only. It is
not permitted to download whole corpora or whole texts. A maximum of 500
characters for each citation can be extracted from the ELAN resources.

The licence for the ELAN Network may be obtained by individuals and/or
organisations for research purposes only. For an organisational licence to
be granted, the responsible person as mentioned under 1b must notify ELAN
of the number of users intending to use the network, including a list of
their individual names.

ELAN will be free of charge for research purposes only during the
demonstration period (December 1st 1999 - December 31st 1999).

The general conditions of use and security measures explained in (1) apply

(2b) Commercial Use:

ELAN is offered free of charge for Human Language Technology (HLT) research
purposes only. If "user" would like to use the ELAN resources for
commercial purposes (and in any case of doubt), "user" must negotiate
conditions of use with the individual provider(s) of the resources "user"
is interested in (see catalogue of resources, addresses). Without such an
agreement, each commercial use is unlawful. By signing an agreement with
ELAN, "user" accepts that resources providers can take legal action agains
the institution, company, or individual in question under the national law
applicable for the data provider(s) in the case of any infringement of this

Upon successful negotiation with individual provider(s), the general
conditions of use and security measures explained in (1) apply fully.

II General Information concerning the ELAN User Community

Current State and Future Goals:

ELAN becomes operational on December 1, 1999. More data and resources will
become available later and will be added to the catalog immediately.

For us, the ELAN User Community Office, ELAN, as it stands now, is only a
first step. Our goal is an infrastructure of language resources making
accessible an increasing amount of mono- and multilingual corpora and
lexica using a growing range of query options, to cater for the needs of
the rapidly expanding HLT community. This goal calls for cooperation and
networking between existing infrastructure activities. The ELAN User
Community will be kept informed of all relevant steps immediately. You are
also asked to spell out your needs and wishes. ELAN needs a strong and
active User Community.

I accept all the conditions explained above:

Name: _______________________________________________


Responsible for: [please attach list of names if applicable]

Address: __________________________________________




E-mail: ___________________________________________

Date, Signature:___________________________________

If you accept the conditions explained above and would like to register now
as a member of the ELAN User Community, print out this agreement, sign i
and send it to the ELAN User Community Team, including your address and
your e-mail:

ELAN User Community Office
Institut für Deutsche Sprache
R 5, 6-13

68161 Mannheim

The conclusion of this agreement and the subsequent distribution of a
password is subject to the consent of ELAN. ELAN reserves the right to
refuse access. Your request will usually be processed within one week upon
receipt of your signed agreement.

ELAN User Community Office

R5, 6-13
68161 Mannheim

Tel: +49 621 1581 427
Fax: +49 621 1581 415


ELAN's Home:

Dear Subscribers,

New articles by Sergei V. Rjabchikov were added to "THE SLAVONIC ANTIQUITY"
Home Page:

Contents of the homepage (journal):

The First Russian Cyrillic Inscription
The Scythians, Sarmatians, Meotians, Russians and Circassians:
Interpretation of the Ancient Cultures
The Proto-Palestinian, Proto-Sinaian and Proto-Byblian Inscriptions: A
Slavonic Key
The Interpretation of the Western Slavonic Inscriptions
The Scythian Model of the Universe
A Saka (Scythian) Record Reads in Slavonic
The Interpretation of the Ancient Slavonic Records
The Interpretation of the Rivers' Names Laba and Kuban
The Interpretation of the Several Graffiti on the Coins of the Petershof
The Interpretation of a Text from Polotsk
The Scythian Calendar on a Panticapean Coin
The Interpretation of the Etruscan Calendar
On the Slavonic Origin of Greek Kentauros
The Interpretation of Three Ancient Russian Texts
The Interpretation of the Scythian Name Oktamasados
On Two Sindian-Etruscan Parallels
On the Slavonic Origin of Greek Gorgon Medusa and Minotauros
The Interpretation of an Ancient Tmutarakan' Tex
The Sarmatian-Russian Quasi-Bilingual Source
The Interpretation of a Sarmatian Tex
On a Coin from the Ancient Russian Town Tomi (Tamatarha)

New articles will be added soon!

My best wishes,

Sergei V. Rjabchikov

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