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FYI: New Websites/COSWL/WILMA, NSF/USA Grants: Women

Author: Monica Macaulay

FYI Body: Colleagues,

The COSWL (Committee on the Status of Women in Linguistics) and WILMA
(Women in Linguistics Mentoring Alliance) web pages have been moved. The
new addresses are:

- Monica Macaulay, Co-Chair, COSWL

Monica Macaulay
Chair, Department of Linguistics
University of Wisconsin
1168 Van Hise
1220 Linden Drive
Madison, WI 53706

phone: (608) 262-2292

Dear Colleagues at US Institutions,

The National Science Foundation has a special grant program for women
Ph.D.s at US institutions called POWRE (Professional Opportunities for
Women in Research and Education). The application deadline is December
9th, and this is the final year of this program. There have not been
many applications from women linguists in the past, and I would like
to encourage participation before this program comes to an end. The
program announcement can be found a

Briefly, POWRE is a 'cross-cutting' program that is supported in every
NSF Directorate, including Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences
(the home of Linguistics). The POWRE program represents funding
available to our community beyond the program budget for Linguistics
- up to $75,000 for 12-18 months. Here is a snippet from the program
announcement: "POWRE awards are designed to provide a one-time inpu
of funds at a critical stage in the Principal Investigator's career, a
means by which she can take advantage of an opportunity that will
contribute to a significant, identifiable advance in her career
path. POWRE awards are not intended to provide funds to establish a
laboratory. New investigators in academia are encouraged to consider
the CAREER program and the regular research and education disciplinary
programs as their primary source of initial funding."

I have put a POWRE awards search on my webpage, so that you can see wha
kinds of awards have been made in our directorate: a

Awards to linguists include #18, 21, and 25 in the list. To submit a
proposal, please be sure to refer to the latest copy of the NSF Gran
Proposal Guide, a

Best wishes, -- Cathy Ball
- --------------------------------------------------------
Catherine N. Ball || Program Director, Linguistics
Division of Behavioral & Cognitive Sciences
National Science Foundation
Rm. 995, 4201 Wilson Blvd., Arlington VA 22230
Phone: 703-306-1731 Fax: 703-306-0485 ||

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