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FYI: Conference Index, CHRISTINE, New Software

Author: Peter White

FYI Body: The August edition of the Conference Schedule: Linguistics and Related
Topics is now available a

A total of 31 new conferences have been added to the list. Please let me
know if there are any errors.

Peter White
Centre for Language Teaching and Research
University of Queensland, Qld 4072
Tel: +61 7 3365 6893; Fax: +61 7 3365 7077

CHRISTINE Corpus, Stage I

Stage I of the CHRISTINE Corpus is now available. It comprises a
structurally-annotated cross-section of spontaneous 1990s speech drawn
from all UK regions, social classes, etc. The annotation scheme is
that of the well-established SUSANNE Corpus, and is defined in detail
in G.R. Sampson, _English for the Computer_, Clarendon Press (Oxford
University Press), 1995.

CHRISTINE/I is described in detail in its Documentation
file, which is available on the Web a
(250 kb, about 35,000 words). Another Web page,,
discusses the background and aims of the CHRISTINE Project.
The Corpus can be downloaded by anonymous ftp. The URL is
- use "uncompress" to uncompress the file, and then
"tar -xf" to unpack the tar file into its 84 component files
(which include a copy of the Documentation file).

CHRISTINE/I includes about 40% of the eventual complete CHRISTINE
Corpus. The complete Corpus is expected to be ready for distribution
early in the year 2000.

Prof. Geoffrey Sampson

School of Cognitive & Computing Sciences
University of Sussex
Falmer, Brighton BN1 9QH, GB

tel. +44 1273 678525
fax +44 1273 671320
Web site

Dear Linguists
There is a new (free!)program out there that allows you to leave and
read notes on any website you visit. Anybody who visits the site can
read your notes (there is also a possibility to post a note to a group,
to a private person or to youself).
I find it very useful esspecially for people like us who share the same
interests, but hasitate to send any question or opinion to the list.
This way you can live notes on with your own book-reviews, opinions,
questions, etc.This is the first program that allowes you not only to
visit websites but also to leave your remarks for other users to read.
The program is called uTok (I think it means user's tree of knowledge)
and you can download it from (it takes only 2
minutes to download and its free).
Ones you downloaded you can join the linguists group which allowes you
to leave notes to other linguists.

see you on the web :-)

S. Zuckerman
University of Groningen

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