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FYI: International Research, Ergo's ATIS results

Author: Information Assistant

FYI Body: IREX Announces Sixth Annual US Education Fair
26-27 March 1999, Moscow, Russia

Sponsored by the United States Information Agency (USIA)
Administered by the International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX)


For a registration form and additional information visit:

The 1999 US Education Fair in Moscow is an opportunity for universities to
diversify and recruit Russian students from a rapidly expanding market with
great future growth potential.

The 1996-1997 Institute of International Educations (IIE) Open Doors
statistics shows 6,200 Russian students studying in the US. From the
European student market, the number of Russian students studying in the US
is currently in third place after Germany (8,990), and the United Kingdom
(7,357). Russia has already surpassed the number of students from France


The Moscow EIC is the largest USIA-sponsored source of information on US
education in the Newly Independent States. It receives more than 50,000
inquiries yearly from students interested in US study. Staff of the
IREX-administrated Moscow Education Information Center (EIC) will organize
and host the event.

The 1998 US Education Fair was a great success with attendance of
approximately 2,000 students from 126 institutions of higher education and
22 schools.

Results of a survey conducted at the 1998 US Education Fair indicated tha
students are interested in the following:

- 53% Graduate Studies (28% MBA Programs)
- 23% Undergraduate Programs
- 9% Short-Term/Certificate Programs
- 5% High School Exchanges
- 10% Other

Contact the Moscow Educational Advisers with questions and to register by
February 15.

Dova Wilson:
Natalya Rozanova:
Alla Mironenko:

As part of the parsing contest we posted last week in which we
challenged members of the academic and industrial NLP community to
meet or beat our parsing results on 100 sentences in the areas of
basic grammatical analysis, navigation and control and question and
answer repartee, we have just posted our results on the ATIS (Air
Travel Industry Sentences) sentences for the standards and tasks of
that contest.

Refer to our web page at for the contes
details, our results on the 100 sentences for that contest and the ATIS
sentences parsed as to the requirements of the contest. Again we
would be happy to post results from IBM, Microsoft, Stanford, MIT or
any of the smaller companies and universities who would like to
participate in this contest for either the specific 100 sentences of
the contest or for the ATIS sentences.

Contest results will be posted at the end of March or early April, bu
we will post all entrants on our web site as soon as they arrive.

Phil Bralich

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