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FYI: History and Philosophy of the Language Sciences Blog

Author: James McElvenny

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
Linguistic Theories
Philosophy of Language
History of Linguistics

FYI Body: The August-December 2014 program of the History and Philosophy of the Language Sciences blog has begun. Our blog is devoted to exploring and promoting the great diversity that exists in the study of language, in the past and today. Each blog post seeks to introduce a topic, idea or approach in language study — historical, current or completely new — with an invitation to all readers to engage in discussion in the comments. The current program will contain contributions from John Joseph, Martin Haspelmath, Rebeca Fernández Rodríguez, Anna Pytlowany, David Moore, Jean-Michel Fortis, Gerda Haßler, Clara Stockigt, Michael Silverstein and Sónia Duarte.

The full program can be seen at the following URL: