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FYI: Call for Papers: Sonority Across Languages

Author: Martin Ball

Linguistic Field(s): Phonology

FYI Body: We are looking at sonority patterns at the syllable/word level in lesser reported languages to examine how well the SSP and sonority hierarchy hold up. Steve Parker's interesting 2012 collection did not include many languages other than English. We already have contributions for Zulu and Putonghua. The aim is either to publish a book in the Multilingual Matters series 'Communication Disorders across Languages', or a special issue of the journal 'Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics'. It is preferred if contributors could report data from disordered speech as well as typical speech, although it is realized this may not always be available.

As a first step, please contact me with a short CV and a brief abstract, noting the language(s) to be covered and the data source and analyses to be undertaken. We are not intending to cover languages that have been well-reported in the sonority literature.

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