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FYI: AILA Research Network: Folk Linguistics

Author: Martin Stegu

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics

FYI Body: AILA Research Network (ReN) on Folk Linguistics

In this message we would like to introduce our AILA Research Network (ReN)
on Folk Linguistics. We invite all those interested in folk linguistics to
contact us and to join in our activities.

This research network comprises applied linguists who address various
aspects of folk linguistics as applied linguistic issues in their research.
In general, the focus lies on everyday concepts of language, language
learning and communication and their relevance for decisions in people's
everyday and working lives, in particular in a language teaching context.

The members of this ReN come from seven different countries and conduct
research on - and in - a wide range of languages including (in alphabetical
order) English, French, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish
and Spanish. For more information on the ReNs current activities and a list
of current members, please visit our webspace at:

A comprehensive bibliography on the area of folk linguistics is in
preparation and will be accessible on the webspace soon.

We are also preparing our second meeting in Bergen, Norway, on September
3-5, 2010. Interested researchers are invited to join us as active
participants, for instance by presenting their own work in relation to folk
linguistics, or as guests wishing to inform themselves about current
research and activities in folk linguistics.

The ReN will also be represented at the 16th AILA World Congress in Beijing
in August 2011 with its own symposium. Furthermore, an edited volume
dealing with all areas of folk linguistics is planned.

If you are interested in cooperating with us, please contact the conveners
of the ReN, Antje Wilton ( and / or Martin Stegu
( If you would like to join us in Bergen, please
contact also the local organizer Karol Janicki at

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