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FYI: All-New SpecGram (August 2008) Online

Author: Trey Jones

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

FYI Body: Greetings Linguists!

The August 2008 issue of Speculative Grammarian--the premier scholarly
journal featuring research in the neglected field of satirical
linguistics--is now available online for your browsing pleasure.

Included in this issue--intriguing all-new articles concerning the
bilingual bilemma, the linguistic origins of divinity, and more
center-embedding; another installment of the Cartoon Theories of
Linguistics; another Linguistically-Themed Pseudo-Nihonese HanjieLinguru;
and the usual high-quality collection of articles, letters from our
readers, and more...

Next time (September 2008), we will have another all-new issue of SpecGram.


-Trey Jones
Managing Editor, Speculative Grammarian

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